Magical Witchcraft Scientology Journey of Bobaphet - Part 1

in spirituality •  3 months ago

In this episode, Kurt interviews a good friend @bobaphet about the organisations he has been a member of across his lifetime, including the Australian navy, a large Australian church of Wicca, and the Church of Scientology, among others. We start by talking about his childhood, his unusual experiences as a child such as astral projection, and later his brainwashing during his time in the armed forces, and how that later helped him to see through the intentions of media influence. We talk about the valuable lessons he learned from being a high priest in a church of Wicca, about the egotism that can be common in certain magical orders, and about the techniques of auditing used in Scientology.

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Wow, it was really interesting for me to watch that. As I just freestyle my interviews, a lot of what I talk about just comes up in the moment, and I actually don't even remember talking about 1/2 of what i talked about on this :) A lot of it was thus new to me.
Thanks Kurt, you have a great skill as an interviewer to bring depth out of people.


Thanks Bob, I'm glad you got comfortable enough to share some of those stories. It's funny to think you were like "Yeah I was in the navy, a witches' coven and a magical order... but it's not that interesting." Haha. I'll listen again and see if I can take a couple of 5 minutes clips from there.