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@bobaphet explains how things something can be right in front of your face, but you might never know if you don't know how to interpret the signs. He gives the example of being in the Australian navy and believing that nobody was taking drugs, and later when he learnt more, he realised most of the force was getting high. Similarly, when he got of the navy he started to remember things from years before, which he'd completely forgotten while in the mindset of a sailor.


Like drugs for example - there's a very very good reason why the defense laws do not have compulsory drug tests. You wouldn't have much left of the defense force.


Especially in the 80s we were going to places like Thailand - I'm pretty sure I shared a story with you about Thailand.

Oh yes, accidentally buying a pound.

$20 Australian... What can I get for this in Thailand!

But before that, it was actually a girlfriend from Melbourne who was, before I met her, I was very very hardcore straight military man, drugs are bad mmmkay conditioning type thing and I initially didn't get on with her because someone brought it to my attention that she she smoked weed, and I was like naah no, she couldn't! Nahnah - oh shit she does!

I'd probably known her about a year before actually I had a smoke and in through my relationship with her and her friends, she re-introduced me topeople that I already knew from a different life.

So within the navy, like if you're not in that clique you've got no idea and if someone had've asked, walked up said "hey are there drugs in the defense force?" I'd've giving you a straight no, 100% convinced belief. Again, this is a belief system.

What changed? Did the external reality change? No just what was available to me, information changed and then as a result of that, the entire external world changed - oh shit! Three-quarters of the ship are on drugs!

So you don't know if you don't know. And there's too many stories just along that line that we really couldn't go into on here but it's like if you're not part of that type network, you actually don't know that it exists.

Yeah - there could be symbols or codes right in your face but you would never know

Exactly exactly. So then we take that a step out to the realm of conspiracy nuts. "Oh the Illuminati and Bilderberg!" You go back 10 years to a conspiracy at the time it's common knowledge now

Bilderberg was... nobody really believed it ten years ago.

Every year something new comes out that you're a complete nutjob to believe in. As another year drops off that it used to be nutty to believe it but now it's okay. I remember Nexus magazine in the early 90s talking about like don't microchipping and that kind of thing and it was like absolutely ridiculous to entertain that notion, but
now "it's good for you!" "Protect you from the terrorists!"

Complete mindset has changed... Pearl Harbor the conspiracy of the day. Now they're releasing information that's accepted. It was manufactured. Stuff that
the conspiracy theorists come up the people get laughed at at the time when
it comes out, ten years later it's like "Oh yeah yeah... well... okay."

But it's still kind of strange because sometimes there there are things which should be established as fact and you have these fewer and fewer people like these hardcore skeptics and they say "I thought false flags were just a fairy tale" and I say "have a look at this - Reichstag fire" "Just have a look, it's right there, look it up on Wikipedia"

Hashtag Reichstag!
laughter yeah

The little steps like that we're recognizing that there is a reality beyond the reality that you see, but you just don't know what to look for. Once you know what to look for it's
there in front of your eyes you just didn't see it before and here lots of synchronistic meetings with people being in the right place at the right time synchronistically, my universe was expanding exponentially in the first 12 months of me getting out of the Navy a lot of it was just reuniting, and memories like I would remember stuff from my childhood. The Navy basically conditioned out of me. Like, how'd I forget that?

That's so cool - it's messed up but it's also cool, because it's like, he who controls the
present controls the past.

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