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It is certainly a lot more effective...

I find it at least incredibly plausible, that the modern method of making church leaders is incredibly unbiblical and even detrimental. In this video I share some of my concerns and scratch the surface of this touchy subject. I'll go deeper next time, I'm just trying to till the theological soil slowly. Don't be afraid to think and consider.


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  1. Not sure I completely agree with your assessment of a classroom versus being home schooled. Home school may have some benefits but what a classroom does is way more than just giving out grades and reading text books.
    What a classroom does is it teaches our kids how to interact with others from different cultural and socio- economic backgrounds as well as dealing with different personalities. It teaches how to problem solve not just in text books but how to interact and get along and become productive little citizens among an array of fellow students. ( much like they will have to do when they get out in the real World as adults)

  2. As far as the grind ?? Well, trust me when a child becomes an adult at 18 he will be bombarded with grind. So why should a child be exposed and rushed into it at such an age ?? He has the rest of his Life to grind ;).
    Why not let him be a child ??

  3. Now talking about Seminary...well how in the heck do you know they cannot reproduce or at least to an acceptable standard what the parent of a child can do as far as learning about God and his Teachings ??Have you been to Seminary ? Have you visited every Seminary college in the US? You say it "simply cannot be done" ? Where are you getting this information and please provide substantiated proof to back up your claims. The fact is there are some wonderful seminary schools that are run ( and attended) by people who are actual god fearing and god instilling parents living sanctified Lives ( imagine that) who happen to be great seminary professors/students/graduates.
    You have this image that somehow the two are mutually exclusive. They're not !!
    You know I love you papa as a fellow Christian but it's dangerous to be throwing out generalizations like this.

And I just respectfully disagree with some of your points and notions


Thank you for that well thought-out reply, and for respectfully disagreeing. I'll briefly reply to each of your points.

1- Classrooms and the government education system lack effectiveness in many areas, and studies have been done where it is shown that children learn best when their education is "somehow connected to the rest of their life" i.e. homeschool. Also, in my family, we are to teach our children about God and His ways, and He is not allowed in the government school system, so we find that to be contrary to our goals.

What a classroom does is it teaches our kids how to interact with others from different cultural and socio- economic backgrounds as well as dealing with different personalities.

Interestingly enough, my children interact with a wider variety of a people who fit those categories, because the five year old doesn't just interact with other five year olds who vary, but people of all ages.


Why not let him be a child ??

I do, and my children get lots of great experiences as children. My point was that it is okay for them to learn to sit still and be quiet, and that boredom can even be a good thing. Many raise their children with electronic devices, we do not. I think that such devices prevent them from being children, and things like playing outside or having real conversations with people (even those who are not their same exact age) are quickly fading from existence for many children. I also strongly avoid amusement (to "a-muse" means not to think) and foolish entertainment for our children. Every parent draws a line, I just try to draw the wisest line that I can.

3 - As far as seminaries, they are unbiblical. Therefore, I believe that they are contrary to the ways of God. This was just the second part of a series with many parts, and I am trying to break things down into smaller, digestible portions, but I think you'll see more of why I believe what I believe in the fifth or sixth part. (I do thank you for your time and thoughts on the matter)

Also, I was planning on heading that direction (seminary), but God intervened. I realized that it was not His way and have heard from many who have gone to seminaries and bible colleges a plethora of reasons why they wish they had never gone.

Simply put, I believe that God actually tells us who should shepherd in the Bible and how to know who they are. He never mentions seminary or any classroom, but instead has another way. I'll cover more of that in the future.

Again, thank you kindly for your time.


And thank you for such a good reply, Papa. Glad that people who disagree or having alternative views can do so without attacking each other or being cynical and mean. It seem like anymore that is what our Society does. Again, than you for your Vlog Papa. Some really good stuff ,and I genuinely agree with a lot of it :)


Yeah man. I agree. With text an unintended message can also be received, so I'm glad that we can give one another the benefit of the doubt and interact peacefully, whatever the disagreement.

Thanks Brother!

Good thoughts....... :)