Be Your Own Leader! Be the leader of your life.

in spirituality •  3 years ago 

What does leadership mean to you? 

Is leadership about power, influence, status or some titles…

What do you want? To have followers, to be a guru of someone else or to be in charge of others one's lives?

These are the questions related to leadership in a general way.

Have you thought about leadership being quite different from this point of view, that to be a leader , you do not need to have followers.

I Always wanted to have a very accurate view what leadership is, When a read Krishnamurti, I really identified what leadership  really is, he did not say  what is to be a leader, but from his studies, I got my own conclusion of leadership, 

So, leader means for me to have the ability to be the leader of your own life.

If you are going to have followers or not, does not matter. 

"It’s about knowing what you know and trusting that knowing even when it doesn’t match anyone else’s point of view. In a word, leadership is about empowering you." Dr. Dan Heer

You have got to be your own leader, the leader of your life, your journey on earth.

You are responsible for you present and future, you are the source for the creation of your own life.

Your point of view counts for you, do not care if others will agree with you, let go of all judgment - set yourself free, do not follow others, follow you.

Change what needed to be changed, because change is part of our everyday life, be used to change. Things change if you want them to change

See what Dr. Dan Heer says: “So often we conclude that things will never change. We have decided that this is how it is and how it will always be. Because our point of view creates our reality, when we conclude this, guess what? Things don’t change.”

Always think about the infinite possibilities, next time you want to change or change something, open your mind to this infinite possibilities, everything is possible when you want.

Be your leader, be you,  follow your good, conscious thoughts regardless of anyone else. It is not a question of excluding others, it is a question of including you, if people want to follow you, it is their own choice, you will accept that, but if they do not want, you accept with the same spirit of calmness, the same animus.

Help change the world, contribute to build a better world being yourself.

You can choose to be your own leader, you can choose to help build a better worl. 

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