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Hi everyone. I'm glad you're here. You know, I'm just remembering as I write that I had a dream a few nights ago that I had 70 followers on my Steemit account... I woke up to find it's only 45... Darn it! hahahahaha! Oh well, life goes on, even if you only have 45 fools, I mean, followers!

So, for those who don't know, today is Humility Day. 30th of March. Nobody knew that?

No bother, that's just because I made it up!

So, today's theme is about humility. What is humility?

I find it's important to write about it here, because humility is grossly misunderstood to be weakness, like being passive, meek and sappy or something.

No, humility is merely the recognition that boldall human information and knowledge that we know about the world and events is provisional,bold that means that a change in context or discovery of more information can radically alter the meaning and significance.

So for example, in 1945, America dropped the atomic bomb twice on Japan. There has been extreme disagreement on the decision, some saying it was triage (killing some to prevent the future killing of many more) and some saying it was a war crime.

What was found out later on in 1991 was that Japan was close enough to developing its own atom bomb. (as released by a Japanese widow, whose late husband kept a document detailing its progress, he worked as a scientist).

Thus, as horrible a decision that was done, it was actually even more fortuitous that it was the US that had it first, judging by the face the Japanese Empire ravaged and pillaged everything in its path.

Another example is when it was discovered that sicknesses are caused by germs and bacteria, and not by other things like "smells in the air". Even global warming is being seriously challenged now.

It is important to know that even science itself is limited, seeing as it is nothing more than the collective knowledge of what mankind has discovered and recorded. Even a lot of today's scientific knowledge is going to be invalidated to a great degree by future generations.

It is therefore important, for our own well-being and invulnerability, to assume and attitude of humility, because we realize that the human condition is so unbelievably complex and difficult, that one cannot simply come up with a black and white answer or solution to a problem, and think it was solve the problem.

We never know... We could solve one problem, and make room for another, like Whack-A-Mole. You hit one mole, another comes up.

So, we all need to be humble, and be proud of our humility! It's something to be very proud of, I can assure you :)

So have a lovely day.
God bless.

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