Life Before and After Knowing God

in #spiritualitylast year (edited)

Life before knowing GOD is completely different to life after.

LIFE with God, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit = WOW.

Everything that worked (in my life before) that came from new-age spirituality, gnosticism, advaita, Law of Attraction etc. is just a TINY fraction of what Jesus shared. They have some spiritual truth but they are also mixed with a LOT of error. THEY KEEP PEOPLE STUCK.

I was missing out dismissing Jesus Christ (Son of God) and sin as make-believe. The embarrassment and preconceived judgements I had about the Bible only kept me back.

God is so awesome to answer our prayers. Only recently God answered a heartfelt request to Him in a huge way -- within minutes. He knows the best time to bless us.

God knows what we need and want before we know it ourselves so it's amazing when He answers us personally after we've sought His help, trust Him and just live our life. It is so much more than receiving something out of the Law of Attraction, goal-setting or living with intention.

What Jesus shared is HUGE... there is SO much more to it than what 95% of people (including the majority of Christians) see. And the best part of it is not even the wow factor -- it's the intimately being in the heart of Love and Truth -- our Creator -- God, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.