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God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit was something I didn't understand until after the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. Months after being spontaneously and unexpectedly born again in the Holy Spirit, separate from any churches or Christians, my body/soul still fought against placing any importance on Jesus Christ publicly. After all, could I not love and walk with God without mentioning Jesus Christ by name? Was it really important? Wouldn't it cause people to switch off, get angry or trigger them in some way? I had spent years following teachers who mentioned Jesus once or twice to suit their own spirituality... perhaps I could at least be more accurate about Jesus without becoming a "Jesus freak"? I had already helped people as a life coach and therapist ... how could I now continue helping people and talk about things that would freak them out and make most turn away?

In hindsight, it is now easy for me to see that what was happening in me was a battle against the Holy Spirit. It was a battled waged by all prior occultic conditioning and spiritual deception I'd learned to identify with in order to hide from my own pride and spiritual/emotional baggage. All this conditioning and programming is present everywhere in society and is, by it's very nature, Luciferian in origin. It seeks to muddy things for humans and keep us from God, our Creator. Even a small deviation from Truth is sufficient for deception to occur.

After days of battling, my old nature finally conceded defeat. The Holy Spirit revealed how humans cannot have God without the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. That is, we cannot have God, the loving Father, without God the Son and the Holy Spirit. And we cannot have the Holy Spirit without the Father and the Son etc.

Whilst all humans can know God's love and grace and be guided by the Holy Spirit outside us, we need salvation from sin in order to personally KNOW God. This is because sin separated humans from God in the first place. Seeing the signs of a person in a room is not the same thing as knowing and having that person in a room with you. It is the same with our Creator. Our sin blinds us to God and our default sin-nature is a barrier to a relationship with a loving, Holy God. When we see this broken nature; that we can do nothing about it however much we try or however good we are; and that only God can take it away from us (by taking it on Himself as Jesus Christ and suffering its curse of death), God gifts us with a new spirit and fills us with the Holy Spirit. Only then can we start to see how much in the dark we were in before. The fallen realm keeps us in the dark with constant condemnation and fear when salvation and freedom is readily available!

Spiritual Junk Food

After receiving that powerful proof of God in my own spirit I realized that ALL spirituality devoid of the salvation of Jesus Christ could, at best, only be of temporary help to the soul. None of it does anything for the human spirit. The false kind of 'spirituality' in fact allows deceptive spiritual entities to work through humans rather than humans acting with free will (with the Holy Spirit in their spirit for guidance).

Anything that doesn't fully convey Jesus' redemption for our sins always keeps spiritually lost/asleep people lost. When I realized this, I could no longer stand by anything spiritual I stood for before. I saw how in fact it was dangerous to talk about a vague "higher power" or a new-agey God without Jesus Christ and salvation from sin because deceptive entities ARE themselves "higher powers" who already work through spiritual leaders, gurus and experts. Plus, all spiritual practices open a person to further deception, control and even body/soul possession.

Whilst plenty of spiritual leaders talk about love and enlightenment, they also in effect continue to leech off of their followers' time, money and resources; sharing only what sells and what people want to hear -- it is essentially spiritual junk food tinged with poison.

At one point after seeing this, I was spiritually disgusted by many of the people whose books I bought and on whom I spent money/time on as I suddenly saw the depth of their own unseen spirit-entity-conditioning and influence. These teachers continue to allow their followers to call them enlightened, allowing worship and adoration as "bhakti". They keep followers deep in deception and further away from knowing God directly.

Many spirit entities then trigger soulful sensations and feelings and even simulate peace/joy as spiritual attacks are temporarily lessened. This keeps followers bound to their gurus, associating peace and joy with insights received from gurus. Other times, gurus temporarily help followers disengage from the usual spiritual attacks, promptly to bring in a new kind of brainwashing.

God designed humans to be in relationship with Him. Without that, humans seek God's glory in temporary worldly things or sin. All humans seek God and have been designed with an innate knowledge of the possibility of communion with God. All cults (even those presenting themselves as Christian) and spiritual gurus try to temporarily fill that need.

Each follower has a favourite kind of spiritual food they're attracted to -- like wasps to sugar water! At different points in my life, I was attracted to and explored to varying degrees: Catholicism, Buddhism, Neo-Advaita, Advaita, shamanism, Gnosticism, IFS Therapy and channelers. I even got spiritual highs through music, meditation, hypnosis, yoga, sci-fi escapism and more. Anything can be used to deceive people but in my own case, all of these opened me up to further spiritual entity conditioning because they were all attempts to meet my spiritual needs without God Himself. Even with a Catholic upbringing and education, I had no practical understanding of sin or of Christ's salvation and body, soul and spirit. It is no wonder my unmet spiritual hunger motivated me to seek other sources of spiritual fulfillment -- avenues that fallen entities acting through people could easily exploit.

I've heard of people willingly give up family to stay with gurus and help build 'retreats'. Some fall in love with their mini-god who happily shares their "love" with mulitple nubile, fertile followers. In unfortunate circumstances, emotional, physical and sexual abuse has been perpetrated by gurus and their staff. Most recently, two contemporary, social-media savvy spiritual leaders with thousands of followers talked about suicide as a perfectly acceptable spiritual solution for seekers. A few suffering souls killed themselves this year as a result of heeding these 'gurus' who promptly went into hiding by escaping their locale. Yet they maintain an active internet presence and sell more expensive tickets to retreats and training. In these cases, at least, it is clear to discerning eyes that there is something demonic at work.

Spiritual gurus usually fall prey to their own love of self but they always enjoy the by-products of fallen spirit communication in their soul. They are so empowered by it, they have a radiant glamour and charm. All unknowingly choose to continue to be led by luciferian conditioning and deceptive spirits; leading their followers to do the same, even to a point of no return for vulnerable people.

Contrast this with Jesus Christ. At one point, when asked for his view on bringing down fire from Heaven upon those that rejected Him, Jesus said:

... You do not know of which spirit that you are. For the Son of Man did not come to destroy men's souls, but to save. (Luke 9:55-56)

Jesus didn't always share things that were easy to hear. He did not charge money or build ashrams. When there was faith, He instantly healed. Demons were immediately terrified by Him. Many people hated and mocked Him, not knowing their own spiritual deception and conditioning. Jesus did not invite worship, instead choosing to identify with His humanity when He could have easily impressed others with His power. Jesus came to divide what was spiritually with God from whatever kept us away from God and he did this in order to save souls for everlasting life. Christ had knowledge of what becomes of our souls during life and after death. I only saw all of this when I saw the Biblical God and the Holy Spirit were real. The Holy Spirit does indeed speak of Jesus Christ and more. He got me out of almost imperceptible deception because I was willing to reject satanic lies, however uncomfortable and life-changing it was for me.

When we realize that God-made-man died for us personally, in order to take on our sins and punishment for it -- however imperfect and full of ego/darkness we are -- something happens to us spiritually. Most humans would never consider giving up their life for a stranger let alone any/all humans, but God, as man, did.

I saw, in the deepest part of my heart, how denying the name of the only person who took on MY sins (as well as the consequences of it) would be the worst kind of betrayal possible. How could anyone in their right conscience betray the deepest love possible? It is impossible unless one is stuck in deception or our conscience is seared or corrupted beyond measure.

At this point, I was more than happy to talk about Jesus despite the consequences to my career, life and friendships.

"Higher Power" Love Vs. God's Love

God loves us like a Father who loves His children. He wants us to use our intellect, brain and heart with His Holy Spirit in our spirit. This is why He created our faculties in the first place. Deceptive spirits on the other hand build up a narcissistic love of our false self, whilst telling us to get rid our ego and surrender our God-given intellect. We are to meditate, heal, grow, develop, extinguish egos and more, as long as it is without Jesus Christ taking on our sins, dying for us and resurrecting back to life. If we want God, the fallen kingdom presents many concepts of god that don't threaten us. Alternatively, deceptive spirits scare us with a punishing God that is in charge of a supposed "matrix" -- which ironically is really an accurate reflection of the luciferian kingdom, headed by a being without true omniscient wisdom/power or unconditional love for humans. This kingdom works on the principle of domination and subjugating free will.

Another option false spirituality sells is the destruction of our natural intellect or emotional functioning by detaching from our "attachments" and thoughts which cause suffering. This is usually without sharing the knowledge of the reality (or extent) of spiritual attack, whilst promoting the invention of personas and acceptance of spirit entities that we take to be ourselves. I myself was trained in a growing partswork therapy movement (IFS Therapy) which falls prey to this spiritual deception and allows both practitioner and client to open more doors to fallen entities.

Other times, some atheistic gurus instead regard humans as insignificant beings in the grand scheme of things where our thoughts or feelings mean nothing. I know now that our heavenly Father, on the other hand, loves to hear from us as a loving and affectionate father would enjoy hearing from his children.

Many intuitive people are aware of some guiding wisdom or empowering spiritual force. Even if we are guided by the Holy Spirit, having had some faith in childhood perhaps, most are oblivious to how much fallen spiritual entities affect our lives. Spiritual folk readily want to accept the idea of God inside us, as our "Higher Self" but not a Biblical God outside who may have gifted us with the Holy Spirit with power to cast away our demons. God will not gift us the Holy Spirit if we haven't accepted Jesus' salvation. In these cases, it is highly likely that we are not empowered by the Holy Spirit but rather by fallen spirits with their own agenda.

All false "spirituality" is, in effect, spiritual gaslighting where humans ultimately become disempowered proxies for spirit entities as luciferian conditioning in our being continues to gain strength. This usually happens in the name of love, light, harmony and tolerance. Without knowing our spirit and the Holy Spirit, it is almost impossible to discern false spirituality from one that helps our spirit. Suffice to say, if anyone does not come in the name of Jesus Christ or shares His salvation from sin, they are not with God, the Father.


Each person is responsible for what they want to believe, just as each guru, teacher or writer is responsible for what they share. After death, even though we may end up going to Hades many people would prefer to believe in reincarnation or even complete spiritual annihilation. Neither threatens popular current spiritual conditioning.

Plus, who needs to think about sin when we can use spiritual secrets to attract our way to love, health and prosperity now? All we do is pay for the next book or hire another amazing energy worker who caresses the junk out of our aura!

I was someone who unknowingly practiced methods promoting a luciferian ideology but something made me leave these practices. I have no doubt God was guiding me, thanks to a remnant of faith from childhood. Thanks to Jesus' salvation, through the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, I was miraculously given new life and freedom from a lot of prior spiritual conditioning.

Both the memory of my old life and now awakened spirit spur me on to inform others of what I've learnt, even if no one hears it. After being born again, I was not surprised that highly 'spiritual' people thought I had 'regressed' somehow in my spiritual state or that my "level of consciousness" had sunk. Any talk to do with God (the Father), Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit or sin was immediately dismissed as "antiquated", 'backward' or "coming from fear". Well meaning folk suggested I not mention sin were I to talk or blog about God. I saw these reactions and advice as disappointing but only natural. I might've also reacted the same way without knowing God. Even if I was overly eager and concerned about informing another soul in my sharing, very few people grasped there was something in it. Even fewer wanted to explore more deeply. In the recent words of a political leader, as things are progressing rapidly in the world, before long, there may not be enough "time to repent".

When we are unaware of our own satanic conditioning, we cannot discern when another is breaking free of it and it may even threaten something in us. What is threatened or wants to dismiss these "old" ideas is our inherent conditioning or perhaps even entity possession (in our body/soul). In my own experience, I know it feels safer to stick with what (or who) we know rather than truly consider something that will definitely change our (everlasting) life forever, even when it's for our good. What feels safe are the entities which we've learnt to see as ourselves!

Satanic conditioning and fallen entity influence pervades almost everything in society. This is because with sin, all of humanity and its endeavours fell away from God's wisdom and protection and into the dominion of the most powerful creature rebellious to God -- Satan /Lucifer/ the Devil -- a being once considered as one of God's archangels. God doesn't want any suffering in this world, but like a loving father who has made us in His own image, He allows humans the free will to perpetuate suffering or, through sin or spiritual strongholds, to open doors to deceiving entities that think nothing of causing humans suffering, pain or torment. From the start, God has given us instructions, guidance and even salvation from the fallen realm but it is up to each human to turn their back to the Devil.

In any case, we cannot break free from deceptive spirits (who sometimes present themselves as angels of light) without the help of those greater than Satan and his fallen kingdom -- only God, our Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit fit into that category! All humans have the free will to see the knowledge of their own sin and receive the fullness of God's freeing love through Christ's salvation and power!

Whosoever denieth the Son, the same hath not the Father: (but) he that acknowledgeth the Son hath the Father also. (John 2:23) that all may honor the Son just as they honor the Father. Whoever does not honor the Son does not honor the Father who sent Him. (John 5:23)

"Where is Your Father?" they asked Him. "You do not know Me or My Father," Jesus answered. "If you knew Me, you would know My Father as well." (John 8:19)

They will do these things because they have not known the Father or Me. (John 16:3)

I say this because many deceivers, who do not acknowledge Jesus Christ as coming in the flesh, have gone out into the world. Any such person is the deceiver and the antichrist. Watch out that you do not lose what we have worked for, but that you may be rewarded fully. Anyone who runs ahead and does not continue in the teaching of Christ does not have God; whoever continues in the teaching has both the Father and the Son. If anyone comes to you and does not bring this teaching, do not take them into your house or welcome them. Anyone who welcomes them shares in their wicked work. (2 John 1:7-11)

A conceptual representation of God.

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