Two Axioms of Freedom

in #spirituality4 years ago (edited)
  1. Nothing in the external world will make you happy unless you are already happy.
    -There is no success, accomplishment, material possession, event, situation, encounter, literally anything that can happen in what can be considered the "external world"- that will 'make you happy' if you are not already happy in the moment of whenever said anything occurs. This thought may sound hopeless at first- but think about it- isn't it a relief to automatically know from the onset that you don't have to search in this world for happiness?- it just doesn't exist there. You don't have to wait for this weekend, you don't have to wait for your next car, you don't have to wait to meet that perfect person. None of those things provide happiness in and of themselves, but are each beautiful experiences to experience for the sake of experience when one is already fully realized in the present moment. There is nothing to wait for, you can take a deep breath of relief. You're free from time.

  2. No external circumstances can truly take away happiness.
    -The more grounded you become with your own being, lighting the world with awareness directly from the void behind your consciousness, the more you realize that you are the first and last deciding factor as to how you experience reality. Sadness, joy, fear, anger, jealousy, tranquility, anything- is of your own design and decision. The reason this is not immediately apparent is because we have been programmed to react to situations in certain ways, and feel certain ways when something happens. At some point, the shackles between you and external circumstances begin to break, and freedom is realized, sometimes through steady process, sometimes instantly.

Hope this was enjoyable to read at least :)

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