Does God exist??

in #spirituality4 years ago (edited)

I think 'existence' is not an attribute of god. "Existence" is actually just an attribute of creation/things/anything. Anything and everything in this universe and any other universe that is, was, or is to come- has the attribute of 'existence,' which is the absolute highest attribute possible for something to have, and simultaneously is the most basic attribute of anything and everything that became or ever will become. God never came into existence and will never come out of existence. God does not 'become'. Without a beginning and without an end, never coming, and never going. An 'immovable infinite space' in which 'existence' may or may not occur. 'It' is beyond existence itself. 'It' generates existence from the infinite void of its own 'space', but does not fall under its transient, dualistic spell. ((unless it generates a manifestation of 'itself' that desires to 'become' (come and go)- which would be the 'person'- and every person (or in other words- 'self-aware object') is a face of the god that desired to experience transience, for the sake of it))

I think this is the issue with the philosophical debates on the existence or nonexistence of 'THE god'- because the god we are referring to here, neither exists nor doesn't exist.

So basically this model solves the atheist vs theist debate- both are wrong ;)

What do you think/How do you feel about this? Does this resonate with you? Anything you would change, remove, add, or do you have a completely different idea you want to share? Keen to hear about it :)


I think that you just helped me a lot with my own research on similar topic. I am glad that there are people who share such an information right in time. The main topic still remain, is it worth to live as creation, or is it worth becoming? I think the best gift for us, is that we can be both, Our Creator, and a Creation.

nicely put !!

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