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in spirituality •  5 months ago

"How about today we build bridges instead of writing people off? How about for today we realize that every single person is real, has feelings and an amazing capacity for love and vulnerability? How about just for today we let ourselves believe in love?" ~Kino Macgregor.
One of the most significant shifts in my consciousness occurred when I saw people as potential friends instead of potential enemies. We are all more alike than different. We're all one. Everything in me is in you. Everything in you is in me. The only difference is what has been accentuated. The only difference is in the details.

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Totally agreed, we have all the tools to make life spectacular and to create the Garden of Eden right in front of us. It takes only about 21 days to create a new habit, 21 days of focusing on love instead of fear could make all the difference.

Thanks for following me, I loved your blog and your way of living and your mind. Following you back <3. Greetings!

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