Freedom Does Not Happen as Soon as the Cage is Opened

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~<3~~<3~~<3~ Take Your Time ~<3~~<3~~<3~

While in our cage all we can dream about is breaking free and soaring on the wings of freedom, though when that day comes it's not always easy to spread our wings and fly. When we have been in captivity for too long, it changes us and it does not end when the cage is opened finally. Freedom and captivity are a state of mind, not just a temporary situation. Your captivity could have been an abusive relationship or just the normal mind framing of the matrix. There are many things that hold us hostage whether it be someone else or ourselves the truth is still the same, we need to be rehabilitated and slowly eased back into the wild to truly be free one day. A narcissist can hold you captive for years and then decide they no longer have use for you so they open the cage and say "There, now fly free" though your wings feel bound to your body and are much too weak to carry you. When you are used to small spaces, the big sky can be a very scary thing, so it is okay to revisit and cling to your cage until you are ready to never look back. Take your time and know that spirit sees you as a fragile precious little swallow who needs the utmost care, attention and love. Slowly the space inside you will expand a little more and more and you will remember that big blue sky inside of you. It will even scare you at first to feel that first rush of wind against your wings and the first breathe of life, but your true nature is to be free and wild. So revisit the cage as much as you need, because once your soul remembers it's home is in the skies there is no turning back. You are destined to soar.

© Art and Message by Amber V. Barth of

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