This Week's Gift for You Steemfam! March 24, 2018

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I don't know about you, but this past week it seemed like a lot of people I knew or ran into were dealing with some anger issues. There was a sense of people being more on edge. Last week's card was all about forgiveness and what a blessing it is to us to forgive. I definitely got lots of practice forgiving people's anger all week. I also went through a mental inventory of all the people​ I had a grudge with or ill feelings toward and released all those yucky, heavy emotions that didn't serve me! So I'm super excited for this week's card and what will unfold in my life. Without​, further ado here you are:

This Weeks Card Pull For You Is Topaz:


Aqua Aura

Healthy communication in relationships

This card brings hope to you and your relationships, especially if you’ve struggled to be understood by others. A gentler and clearer form of communication is on the horizon, initiated by you in answer to your own prayers.
New strength gives you the courage to talk about your honest feelings, in a loving way that keeps communication open. You aren’t trying to change or convince others- you’re being you're true self.
This card can be a sign of improvement in existing relationships or of a new healthy friend or a romantic partner on their way. When you speak from the heart in your relationships, others have an opportunity to know and appreciate the REAL you- which leaves loneliness because you know that YOU (not a false version of you) are loved.

Card Pulled from Crystal ANGELS oracle cards by Doreen Virtue

About aqua aura: This gorgeous translucent turquoise crystal attains it’s lovely coloring when clear quartz is treated with the vapors of gold. Aqua aura makes a wonderful pendant worn over the throat to enhance speaking or singing skills

I welcome and really enjoy your comments. Please don't be shy and let me know what you think! Go out into your life's and be great with a loved one, a friend​, and even a stranger. Let's see how that shape's our week! Leaving you with blessings Steemfam!


Thanks for sharing:)

really a nice gift

Grate Artical @ground2feet ever founded on steemit on spirituality Please Add more On spirituality I have Followed you.

Thank you,​ I will keep going! I followed you too!

waw love

good post sir

thanks love your work keep it up

"especially if you’ve struggled to be understood by others" I definitely can relate to that, or maybe I'm the one who's difficult ;)
Thanks for the insight @ground2feet

What did you say? I don't understand ya! Jk. Thank-you for your comment. Is there someone, in particular, you have that issue with that you could release​ and retry communicating​ with this week? I would love to see how it might unfold for you. You're​ quite the photographer I see from your posts! Keep it up and welcome aboard!

I meant that I feel that, a difficulties to be understood by people around me. Thanks for noticing my posts, I just recently try mobile photography. I'll look forward for your next post @ground2feet :)

I understood you I must be diff too lol

Thanks for taking the time, to spread such good information.
It is good news for this week, with faith and hope everything can be achieved

I've started to notice a little bit of annoyance with some people but I just had to take a step back and just calm down

Yeah just breathe right, and keep it moving!

last week and this week is hard for me i got a-lot of bad news and my love is far away from me because of work. and yes most people are not happy this month for some reason . but am staying strong and i believe that everything happens for a reason and if you have a bad week or day or even a year all you can do is fight all problems you have and stay strong like a Mount and be positive& love yourself

I pray that this week will be better and turn things around! This card is all about creating new happier spaces in our relationships! I love you willings to stay strong and positive in the face of less than perfect circumstances​! Please let me know how it all unfolds for you.

I am happy to see, read and enjoy your post amazingly innovative. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you brother! Have a great day and I hope this card​ helps create a nice shift for you this week.

Yesterday I almost broke up with my boyfriend because I'm getting irritated and angry on nonsense things. This is caused by my hormones and I feel bad for him he's talking and tailing me all day while I pretend he's not there. Thank you for the card I'll try to be open to him :).

I am sorry to hear that you're not feeling your best and I can relate to taking some of that out on my wife too! I hope you can find a way to release whats bothering you and have your relationship in harmony. This card talks about trying new communications maybe there is something you can say to create a shift for you!
Please let me know how it unfolds for you! Blessings to you :)

Thank you dear :) I'll try to talk to him in a nice way even though I'm having the attitude :)

If you think of having an attitude as just an energy that is pent up. Try looking for a way to express it in a way that is positive or uplifting for you. For me when I'm upset and I can catch it early enough in the process (this takes work) I start washing the dishes. I scrub and scrub that energy out of my body and put it into something that serves me and my house for good! If the dishes are already done I clean the oven or that dreaded junk drawer. Once the anger or frustration passes I have something of value to show for it. Just a tip for you my dear friend. Enjoy your weekend!

Thank you for the great advice, the problem now is when you are angry about the dishes! Haha but I experienced that, when you get mad and you exercise or use your body in a tiring way, the anger built up in your body will cool down and you will ask yourself why are you even mad. I forgot about this technique thank you for reminding me.

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