This Week's Gift for You Steemfam! March 19, 2018

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Someone once told me the best gift you can give to yourself is to forgive someone who has done you wrong. It's like we drink a poison hoping to kill the person who did us wrong! That's the way anger, resentment, and haterade sits in our bodies. It is, in fact, a poison that robs us of love and vitality. Spring is almost here and it's time to release things that don't serve us. This week's card is here to remind us to spring clean our minds and hearts. It's time to let go and forgive that person(s) that have done us wrong.....for it's the greatest gift we can give ourselves!

This Weeks Card Pull For You Is Topaz:


Forgiveness Heals

This is a beautiful sign from your guardian angels, who love you so much and want to help you reach the next positive level in your health and happiness. They can see that you are being blocked and held back by repressed anger and resentment. Most likely you already know what needs to be released, but perhaps you’ve had difficulty letting it go.
Forgiveness isn’t condoning, accepting, or accusing someone’s behavior. It means an unwillingness to harm yourself anymore. You don’t have to like the other person or hang out with them. You simply need to agree to release their energy from your psyche.
This card could refer to forgiving yourself for actions that you regret. Self-blame is as toxic as blaming others. The only thing valuable about reflecting on the past is learning from it, not holding on to shame or guilt.
Your guardian's angels remind you that harboring anger hurts only you, not the other person. Repressing resentment is toxic to your physical, emotional, and financial health. All it takes is a little willing to forgive, and God, and the angels will do all the rest of the work.
About Topaz: This stone is mentioned in the Bible five times, as it ancient. Topaz in all its hues offers gentle, soothing energy, supportive of clearing your mind and heart of chaotic energy. In particular, this crystal can help you forgive and release anything’s that’s been distracting or dulling you.

Card Pulled from Crystal ANGELS oracle cards by Doreen Virtue

I welcome and really enjoy your comments. Please don't be shy and let me know what you think! Tell me what or who you are forgiving this week. Leaving you with blessing Steemfam!
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Beautifully worded and so helpful in these wild times of division - carry on!


Yeah, your right more forgiveness would bring us all closer together!! Spread the message to the people in your world!!!

Thank you again dear xx

I really like this ur really amazing

good and informative post keep posting like this and give knowledge of things to peoples


Thank-you! You got a special someone you can forgive in your life?

Thank you for helping to release old grudges.
This is wonderful


release release release dear brother! Keep gifting yourself!!

Well who do i forgive? Well i have forgiven all my traducers. Nice post sir. Forgiveness entails several other elements such as taking it to God in prayer, it is a command. because if we don't forgive, our father who is in heaven will not forgive, it is a gift, it is without condition, it is walking with Christ for him to teach us how to forgive like him etc. Thank you for sharing.


Yes, forgiveness​ is definatly a spiritual process! It's not easy sometimes to do it but it sure feels good when you do. Who have you forgiven​ lately in your life?

Great post. I agree, forgiveness is the greatest and most liberating gift we can give ourselves. Sometimes difficult to do, but a great feeling afterward.!


It's really like unburdening yourself of a heavy baggage. You have someone you are going to forgive in your life?

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The bible says if we dont forgive others God wont forgive us too so its a good message thanks look at my posts and i will be glad if u leave a comment or upvote will be glad

Great post....needed a reminder to let stuff go...and to let go of my stuff. Peace be with you


Thanks, ​bro! I forgive you for spelling crypto​ wrong lol!!

Thank you. Forgiveness is such a transmutative force.


It is! How much better would the world be if people forgave​ more? I can only imagine!!!

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