Tapping Chat With Awesome EFT'er Penny Croal - How You Can Stop Past Stories Controlling Your Life

in spirituality •  5 months ago

Greetings Steem Stars

This is the second video chat that I had with the wonderful Penny Croal, Matrix Reimprinting and EFT Master Trainer.

Today, I take you through a process that can show just how powerfully your emotions can stop you from doing something you want to do, based on what happened to you in the past.

We also talk about some ways that you can re-write these emotional blocks and beliefs so that they no longer control your present and therefore your future.

Try this out. It's so quick and I'm certain that you'll find it insightful.

Wishing you true emotional freedom!

Sam x

p.s. If you happen to live near Bristol, England and want to learn EFT and other techniques with two amazing master trainers - check our workshops out here - https://eftnow.co.uk/events/

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I've learned quite a bit from listening to the bigger Steemians give insights on shows like this. Will definitely check it out.


Great. I wouldn't say I'm a bigger Steemian. I hope you get something from it though :)

Thank you for the video @eftnow. I've always learnt to keep my past in the pasts. I believe tomorrow is now and what we make of today become past after tomorrow. I don't dwell on the past unless its Golgotha