The Wisdom Teachings #6 - J Krishnamurti on Awareness and The Awakening of Intelligence

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Hear we see the iconic Krishnamurti in full form from a talk he gave in Switzerland in 1981.

The profound wisdom he shared through the years remains every bit as relevant, if not more so, as we witness what is  occurring in the world today.

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Any Thoughts?

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We do all have an awareness.. But how consistently we are aware of being in awareness is simply can't be measured... That's why we tend to keep looking that maybe my awareness simply sway by something I may not be aware of? My two cents...

Thank you for your input here @iwrite I agree that this subject is something that is not so easy to acquire some intellectual understanding or is to be measured in some way. It appears that about the only thing we can say about awareness, is that it just "IS". Perhaps that is even saying too much ; )

Yes, this is certainly a tricky subject. It seems we should just continue to look closer and ask questions to be able to arrive at some deeper understanding of it all. Thanks for your input here.