The Wisdom Teachings #2 - John Trudell "Religious vs Spiritual" Perception of Reality

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John Trudell

John Trudell’s life was a monument for justice and sanity in the world. His ability to articulate the fundamental errors of the human species was always precise and to the point.

In 1979, his wife and children were burned to death in their home a few hours after he set an American flag on fire in Washington DC.

Here he speaks of the dominance of particular power structures and our need to meet those structures with a full and personal responsibility.

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I love your post, thanks for sharing! I gave you a vote. I hope you enjoy it.

Thank you for taking the time to view it. And thanks for the upvote!

Very good. I didn't know that about his past with the fire.
Here's another great video from him:

Yes, it was a very suspicious tragedy/event. I got a chance to speak with him about 17yrs ago. Thanks for this one; I've not seen it.

Very sad indeed - You are welcome for the video.. Some of what he is sharing in these videos is very close to what I share and what I have been taught by spirit for use in healing, balancing and evolving Earth people's consciousness levels.

Something surely needed at this time. All the best in what you're doing there.