The Wisdom Teachings #7 - Alan Watts

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Alan Watts

It's difficult to find someone who brought more practical wisdom and insights to light than Alan Watts did. 

Many of his teachings, nearly shocking in their simple and evident nature, often come across to the listener, causing them to ask: "Why in hell didn't I ever think of that before?"

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Any thoughts or opinions?

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I think you would love talks from Terrence Mckenna and Jordan Peterson. Definitely recommended !

And I also agree, Watts talks always sparked those primal ideas ;)

I'm not familiar with with Peterson, however, I've probably listened to over 40hrs of lectures from McKenna. He literally played a big part for a rather big transformation for myself. I'll check out Peterson. Thanks!

Ooops, After seeing him, I realized that I had watched one of his lectures on psychedelics not so long ago. I'll certainly be checking more of his presentations now; didn't know the extent of his material.