With Chakra Meditation To Transcendence

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With proper chakra meditation you can achieve deep healing and balancing, improve your aura, become more successful in your life and achieve transcendence. In addition you can learn how to reach deep meditational spiritual states where your body is in sleep paralyses while your consciousness is fully aware of everything and awake. In such a deep meditational state you can even realize your astral body and leave your physical body to travel with your astral body to different places. In my life I achieved several such deep meditational states and left my physical body several times. I even met a brasilian woman in Brazil while doing deep meditation in Austria by asking a Dolphin with my astral body for help. I learned that brasilian woman in India and fell in love with her. The dolphin swam to the woman on the beach to show my love to her. Some days later I told her through facebook chat and she could not believe this - however there was no other way I could know that she met the dolphin at the beach. In addition the dolphin made it very clear that he is there for her and only for her.

However such meditational spiritual new options for your life are not the only reasons to do the chakra meditation. You can also find out a lot about yourself and your spiritual connection to God, the universe and everything. In order to appreciate the benefits of chakra meditation, we first need to look at the significance of the chakra centers themselves.

What are chakras?

When you achieved spirituality and transcendence you know that in the 4th dimension everything is energy that vibrates in different harmonics. In addition the 4th dimension you realize in e.g. an out of body experience like my astral traveling to the beach of Brazil that I described is totally different to our 3 dimensional realm. There are no physical boundaries like walls, there are no laws of nature like force of gravity for your astral body and movement works according to your thoughts alone. I traveled to the beach of Brazil by the thought alone that some inner voice told me she will be there and love helped me in addition to do the nearly impossible, connect to the living breathing dolphin and find a way to guide the dolphin to the woman. The chakras work as energy centers to connect your body and soul in the 3 dimensional realm to the spiritual energy of the 4th dimension. If those chakras are out of balance you might feel sick therefore chakra meditation can also help you to stay healthy and do self healing.

How do I do proper chakra meditation?

There are seven main chakra centers you can activate and guide your kundalini energy through them in meditation. You should start your meditation with the root chakra. It is at the base of your spine and grounds you physically to earth. Find a peaceful place where you will not get disturbed by others, sit down and close your eyes for your meditation and activate this chakra by breathing deep 4 seconds in, hold your breath 7 seconds and breath 8 seconds slowly out. Continue this for some minutes until you feel the energy that comes along. Try to imagine a deep red color behind your closed eyes as this color is the vibrational color for the root chakra. Then try to think about yourself, how secured you are in that very moment sitting in your chair or on the floor and that everything is continuously available for your survival. That way you open your first chakra.

The opening of the root chakra guides your kundalini serpent energy to the sacral chakra with the color orange. It has the element water and stands for your emotions, your creativity and power for creation as well as your sexuality. Think about your love for your body and your sexuality. Try to realize your emotions that come along and be aware of all your emotions that you feel. Everything flows to you in richness. That way you open your second chakra.

By opening the second sacral chakra you allow your kundalini energy to reach the solar plexus chakra. It has the color of yellow so imagine the sun shining in your body. The element of this chakra is fire and this chakra contains the energy for your ability to assert yourself. Realize who you are, what you really want from life and what you expect to achieve. Realize your power and see that you are healthy and alive. You opened the solar plexus chakra. Improving your solar plexus chakra can help you a lot in business and with your self esteem.

After the solar plexus chakra is opened the kundalini energy reaches the heart chakra with the color green. This chakra is all about love and mercy and your relationships to other humans and animals. Open your heart for others and find out how you are loved by others. See that you are pure love and how you can love others unconditional. Also God loves you unconditionally as God has the continous will to bestow. See how you can reach out to God with your own will to bestow and your heart chakra will open.

With an opened heart chakra the kundalini energy reaches your throat chakra with the color light blue. This chakra is linked to your expression, communication and your ability to be well-understood by others. You empower this chakra by continuously telling the truth and only the truth. Think about justice and your own judgement about others, think about mercy and when you show mercy to others. That way you open your throat chakra. Opening this chakra helps your kundalini energy to reach your third eye chakra at the center of the forehead.

The third eye chakra is responsible for your intuition, your inner voice that guides you. You can also find spiritual inspiration by opening this chakra. Wisdom, intelligence and divine understanding comes along. The third eye chakra resonates with the color indigo. Realize in your meditation that you are in the here and now and that the current moment is the only thing that counts. Find your inner voice and realize how that inner voice can guide you in your life. It is possible to keep the third eye chakra open throughout the whole day and have that inner voice as a guideance all the time. That is the way I am living my life and it helped me in so many situations.

Opening the third eye helps your kundalini energy to reach all the way to the crown chakra that resonates in the color violet. This chakra contains the light of God. You become aware of the oneness with your source, realize how interconnected everything is and connect to God and the universe. As the kundalini energy reaches the crown chakra you get into a transcendental state and achieve higher spirituality. You might find new inspiration and you can find out more about your contract with God which was created before your incarnation on earth. You can therefore start to align your goals in life with this contract and achieve true spiritual self realization.

Your whole aura will benefit from such a chakra meditation. If you want to reach deeper meditational states I found out that it is helpful to apply also some knowledge of kabbalah to your meditation. It is especially useful to know the equivalence of the chakras and the 10 sephiroth.

How do the chakras link to the sephiroth of the kabbalah?

The root chakra links to the makhut, the kingdom on earth. The sacral chakra links to Jesod, the foundation. The solar plexus chakra links to Hod (Glory) & Nezach (Eternity, Victory). The heart chakra links to Tiferet, the beauty and compassion. The throat chakra links to Geburah (Justice & Judgement) and Hesed (Mercy). The third eye chakra links to Binah (Understanding) and Chokhmah (Wisdom). Finally the crown chakra links to Keter, the divine presence.

With this knowledge you can strive for your own spiritual transcendence. You will feel the effects of your chakra meditations for some days after your meditation. I wish you all the best and may your dreams come true.



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