Contribution To The Vision Of Good News Good Times

A few days ago I finished reading a book with the title "Die Vision of Good News Good Times" by Natascha Huston (see affiliate link: The content of the book is all about spirituality and especially the law of attraction. If you do not know what the law of attraction is all about I propose you read my previous article about spiritual health, happiness and prosperity (see: The problem of today's news is that they contain mostly negative news to fulfill the craving for sensation. The problem of this is that this can cause a negative spiral described in my mentioned article. Natascha Huston describes her vision for a new world of media that concentrates on good news even when bad things happen. For example there could be the news about some heroes who helped a lot of people in a hurricane desaster instead of the usual focus to show the misery. However the company GoneGoti that was founded to realize this vision of Good News - Good Times is not active any more and the web sites mentioned in the book are offline. That is very sad as the vision is truely a great idea and could cause so many positive spirals and result in greater happiness on this planet!

However I think we could make a common effort in our steemit community to keep that vision alive. If we write about news we should focus on the good aspects of the news. Therefore I propose to introduce the steemit tag "goodnews-goodtimes" to keep the vision of Natascha Huston alive and use it every time you post good news and support a positive spiral according to the law of attraction. That way we honor her for her vision and efforts she put into that company and also show how a vision can become a worldwide movement on steemit even without that company and without initial financial support.

Let me know your opinion about this idea of a steemit movement in the comments. Every contribution counts!

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