Mind- the play of two | Meditation

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Recently I realized that mind can't comprehend one, it can only work between two. It will cease to exist if it get to one. And this the basic thought behind meditation, meditation is the process of pointing your mind towards one thing and when you achieve that all the clutter in mind will disappear because the mind itself will disappear.

When it is said- be in the moment, the intention behind is to get the mind to the present and present can be only one. Present is pin pointed, future and past are dispersed, there are many alternatives to them but present moment can't have many faces. The present moment is certain, you can't change it, it is what it is. That is the only reason why mind delves in past and future because it will cease to work in the present.

If you could somehow drag your mind to the present, you will become meditative, and that is what meditation is all about. Mind needs contradiction to work with and the present has no contradiction, it is certain and one.

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It is simultaneously inconceivably one and different.

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