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Spirulina will rock your world... if you let it.
This potent super bomb of a super food has been a big part of my self-healing process.

I discovered it twenty years ago while researching medicinal substances on Earth that have the power to help us, humans, heal.

I was super curious and excited to experiment on myself as I did not know anyone at that time who knew about it.
Within a week I noticed a significant change in how I felt.
My energy level increased, my unwell grumpy (at that time!) self felt more cheerful and the world seemed brighter. I feel in love with it and stayed in love with it ever since. I take one table spoon every day in my smoothie, missing it hugely when I go to my prolonged fasting times.

You see, many of us these days lack energy, we all could do with more energy, more life force to do all those beautiful things we want to do in our lives.... and that is where this powerful super food steps in with all the gifts it has for us.

To make it short and sweet.


It is tiny blue-green algae that has a shape of our DNA - perfect spiral coil. Arthrospira platernsis.

It is one of the oldest inhabitants of our planet.
Its appearance almost 4 billion years ago provided an evolutionary bridge between bacteria and green plants.
It grows in mineral- rich lakes, often near volcanoes.

It carries high frequencies and as any high vibe edible is called super food!


Spirulina has a lot of nutrients that are really needed by our bodies, starting with ready-to-digest complete plant protein. It is low fat&calories, cholesterol-free food that offers more to our cells then we could ever imagine.
< GLA - Gamma- Linolic Acid, a rare essential nutrient that only mother's milk has.
< Iron. Iron in spirulina is better absorbed then any iron supplement.
< B Complex, B-12 which makes this super food perfect for those going plant-based.
< Beta Carotin, more then in carrots.
< Chlorophyll, which is the best detoxing & cleansing phytonutrient...
.... to mention just a few good words about it.

23844725_488829524836215_6432088310991833299_n (1).jpg


It can be added to water (not my favorite!), juice, shake (absolute favorite!), soups and salads, and some of us even use it as a natural coloring agent in our plant based food art.
We can start slowly - one tea spoon a day and build it up to a few table spoons. You can make the experience of taking it as pretty & delicious as you wish.

I have introduced this special medicine to numerous people and all I heard was - wow! Spirulina has a special ability to activate our DNA and give us a feeling of well-being.

May we all open up our minds and return to mama Nature who gave us everything we need to stay HEALTHY, WILD and FREE.

Anna Suvorova
WellBeing Guide/Self-healer/ Author.
Dreamer of a better world for all

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