To Live and Love as True Self.

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Have you been attacked for just being you?
Yes, me too. I have been judged and attacked a lot.

When you dare to be You - not what they told you to be,
when you dare to follow your inner truth - rather than following the rules....
you seem to act as a trigger.


If you are on the same path as me, you know what I am talking about.

It seems to me that being true to yourself in this world is perceived as some kind of crime.

Through my looooooong journey to myself I came to see why we are programmed against our inner truth, and that is what I wish to share here with you.
If you managed to reunite with your true Self, I salute you, you are my hero. That is some courageous road to take in this world.
You no longer live by the rules of others, you are no longer a little puppet. You are no longer guided by the external programming. You are guided by the Truth, that becomes You.
You are a living breathing trouble now, a friction, a nuclear love bomb, ticking its way into a new way - New Earth.
You are a threat to the old world, and that is why you and me are being attacked.

Attacking is creating fear.... it is this fear that prevents many of us from tapping into our own inner truth.
Many people would rather stay unconscious and quietly enslaved.. than go through a hellish road towards their own Soul.

Do you know what is the most powerful healing tool under the sun?!
Tapping into our deeper truth.... honoring what chose to live through us!
Finding our Soul!
I assisted numerous healing projects, and I wish to share that I have never seen anyone heal who did not find the courage to be who they really are. Sometimes healing is more painful than the wounds we try to wonder many choose not to.

The more of us find our True Self and courage to be who we are - the better it is for our collective consciousness.

Let them get triggered.
Let the system get pissed off.
Dont let that bother you. It has nothing to do with your True Self and the life it has.


I envision the world where we are no longer controlled by the system and kept in fear.
I envision the world where we are all being loved - not poisoned and killed, like animals for dinner.
I envision the world where we are all awake and in love with life, feeling FREE to be who we are and express our Soul - not hit on the head every time we speak up.
I envision the world where our true essence, our spiritual uniqueness is celebrated - not hated and attacked!

I am happy to share that I already have a taste of a world like that.
To be around those who live and love as their True Self is other dimensional experience.

Please understand, love:

The system wants you and me to be like the rest of them, because it only knows how to control its slaves.
Once we get out of that mold and operate on our own cosmic GPS, we are no longer in their hands, we become unique particles of a much bigger system - UNIVERSE... and that cannot be controlled or manipulated by no one. That is beyond of all the horizons that we know off.

So....if you wish to give a gift to yourself or this world -

Tap into your own Inner truth, find out the address of your own Soul, let the Heart lead the way.
Live and Love as your True Self!

Thank you for spending time with me here.

Health/Yoga Educator. Author. Healing Assistant. Dreamer of a better world for all.


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For some of us, the only appealing route, which might seem like the only choice is to face all those attacks, and pursue being our True Selves; knowing innately that there is no death, and nothing the system can do can really kill us - Little Death, or Big Death.


yes, brother. I am with you. beautifully put. Thank you.

Love this beautiful message of true love. To ourselves and 're world.💓Much love to you!


Thank you love.