Super Foods and You

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Have You heard about super foods?
Do you know what they can do for You?

What are super foods?
Super foods are high vibrational edible substances that have the power to heal our cells.
Super foods speak directly to our DNA and activate our original blueprint, it is as if they remind us of how we are meant to feel.
How are we meant to feel?
The answer to that is - Ah-MAZING!

We are supposed to feel absolutely beautiful - aligned and connected, energetic and inspired, in HARMONIOUS and FREE.

Super foods contain myriads of nutriceuticals - minerals and vitamins, ready to digest proteins, and powerful medicinal properties that seem to alter our frequency and restore our cells. They have been used for thousands of years in rituals and ceremonies aimed to reconnect with the deep True Self and the whole of the CREATION.

Those of us who have invited these magical powerful substances into our lives see taking super foods as one of the greatest tools of self-healing and TRANSFORMATION.


I started experimenting with super foods 20 years ago, after refusing the pharmaceuticals and becoming determent to find natural ways to restore my wracked by vaccines immunity.
I wanted to feel well and was willing to self-experiment.

I am convinced that my taking super foods contributed to the state of my well being and assisted my self healing profoundly.
I also had an honor to watch hundreds of miraculous transformations in those taking super foods - weight loss, stronger immunity, better sleep, radiant youthful looks, mental clarity and increased energy level, to mention just a few.

Here is a list of Super foods for those of you who wish to play with them:

  • TURMERIC (bio powder)
  • MACA
  • INCA BERRIES (aka Golden berries)

There are thousands of powerful edible magical substances on this planet waiting for us to reach out and to make a connection. Nature has been kind and generous to us. It has everything we need to stay HEALTHY, HARMONIUS and ALIGNED.


The questions are -

Are We Willing to un-Learn and re-Learn?
Are We Ready for our personal TRANSFORMATION?
Are We Happy to be curious and courageous in life?

Few words must be said:
Food is not the only way to help us restore our wholeness, yet it is an important part of our self-healing process.
It is of paramount importance - to look for super foods produced by those practicing integrity and respect to Nature. Most so called foods in the modern world have been severely processed and therefore altered, they are emptied of life, of any value, be it vibrational or nutritional.

I strongly recommend not to buy super foods from China, and to be very selective about the food companies we choose to support.
From my experience, best quality super foods come from companies that care about humanity’s HEALTH and LIFE of this planet. They are driven by the heart, not chasing profit.
The best thing to start with super foods is - to do your own research, to self-experiment, and to feel your way into this new exiting and mysterious way of being You.

Super foods are fun to get to know and experiment with, as our cells respond to them almost immediately, they are used in smoothies and shakes, blended with fresh/frozen fruits or, if in powder form, - just mixed with water!

Let us take good care of our cells (Self), so together we can take care of the world we live in!
Anna Suvorova
Health/Yoga Educator. Author.
Dreamer of a better world for all.

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