About Your Body...

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Your Beautiful Human Body...
the very same body that You take for granted, that You like to criticize, ignore and even abuse....
That Body is not really yours...You rented it, the same way You would rent a car.
It is your human suit. It is with You only for a short while, hopefully another hundred human years 😄

Your human suit - Body - is the most sophisticated machinery there is.

It consists of trillions of cells, gazillions of stars...and magical vibrations. It is a mystery itself in it's best tangible expression.

Your Body has intelligence.
It has it's laws.
It responds to everything You do to it...
to everything You put into it.
It speaks to You. Can You hear it?

You are it's main focus, it's master and it's friend.

Keep it away from chemicals, pesticides, and parasites. Cleanse it. Move it. Sunbathe it. Breathe into it. Learn to Love it.
Befriend it. Listen to it. Take care of it....and in no time it will show You a different experience of You.

Anna Suvorova
Educator. Uplifter. Author.
Dreamer of a better world for all

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