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RE: Reclaiming your True Power [ACIM Series Part 4]

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True! I have an entire article dedicated to the cause and effect interplay, and once I am done with my 7-day Music Challenge I have been nominated for, I will post this as one of my next posts.

To your article:

There indeed is this victim-perpetrator-rescuer circle, each of which comes along with increased guilt in the order I put it here. Many people might think that it is just the victim and perpetrator who engage in this guilt game, but also the rescuer is partaking in it to some degree, for he still draws a categorizing judgement as to what is right and what is wrong. So the rescuer too engages in fixing the outside world instead of fixing himself only. We don't need to rescue anything and anyone, we only need to fix ourselves, and by fixing ourselves everything that is part of our Heartfelt dreams will flow with us most beautifully. For me, this major insight was one that made me feel deep sighs of relief over many years, like: "puuh, how good that I am not dependent on anyone but myself to conjure up the most wonderful dream for myself and all those closest to my Heart!" ☺

Cool article, I guess ACIM will allow for a 100-part series! ;)


Yeah! This is a big relief, because even when you are asked for help, you do (or don't) whatever is asked of you, but internally you'll always know, that your inner peace is not disturbed and whatever action you take is not the solution for the presented problem. True help is staying in your decision making mind and choosing not to take the judgement route.
Looking forward to your article and yes, since even now I get new insights daily through ACIM, there is no end in sight. I may someday stop calling this a series at all 😀

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