Lexicon of spirit animals: spider

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Mode of life:

There are roughly 30,000 spider species, of which most live in more tropical regions. Whether in forests and mountain regions or swamps, meadows and urban areas: the spider is a very diverse animal. They always have eight legs and all species make use of their venom to paralyse their prey, yet not all spiders' venom is dangerous for humans. The tarantula's or black widow spider's venom, for example, can "merely" cause nausea or fainting but not death. Spiders are very solitary animals that only come together for mating. Female spiders grow bigger and older than males, while especially the latter doesn't come as a surprise: after all the female usually devours the male after the mating process. Yet even in species where the female doesn't eat the male after mating, there tends to be a huge gap between a female's and male's lifespan. Within the Goliath birdeater species, for instance, the largest and most massive of all bird spiders, the female becomes 15-25 years old, whereas the male has a lifespan from 3-6 years and dies very quickly after maturity. Generally speaking, bird spiders have the longest life expectancy, while small spider species won't become older than three years old. Many species create cobwebs to catch prey, but the silk can have other functions as well; from wrapping sperms or fertilised eggs to nest-building or "parachuting" the silk is a very flexibly applicable tool.



Spiritually light aspects:

Spiders enlighten us with contextual insights about our thread of life and the deeper understanding that we are the ones who weave our destiny web. Once the spider has finished the creation of its web it will move into a position from which it can observe the result in its entirety, for it knows that only here it can gain a comprehensive perspective on choices made and assess them realistically. This is how the spider teaches us to not definitely judge a situation, experience or event in the moment of their occurence, but to retain an inner neutrality with an attitude that everything always ever happens for us, never against us; it might not make sense to us right now, but the day will come that we see why the way it happened was the best of all, and more so, that we were the original creator of these situations. Only once we fathom accordingly we will commence taking Soulful responsibility for our life. Spiders are sagacious guides when it comes to creating with clear intentions and foresight.



Spiritually dark aspects:

Spiders can be icecold and calculating. When losing their balance they might wilfully enmesh others into a well thought-out retaliation plan whereby the "victim" very quickly realises that it is trapped, and therefore often feels so paralysed that the only option in their mind literally seems to be helplessly waiting until the spider strikes mercilessly. Spiders can also indicate fears that severly transfix us; fears that have become so engrained that we take them as part of our natural essence when in fact they are not. Spiders showing up in dreams often hint at such fears in our life.

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