Lexicon of spirit animals: shark

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Mode of life:

Inhabiting all oceans across the world, the shark is being represented by approximately 400 species ranging from very small catsharks to huge whale sharks. For more than 400 million years sharks have been swimming through earth's waters, making them one of the oldest vertebrates in existence twice as old as the extinct dinosaurs. With an incredible hearing and olfactory sense tailored to perceiving low frequencies, sharks are able to detect tiniest flesh or blood concentrations from a great distance, for instance a wounded fish's floundering. Moreover, sharks are capable of perceiving electromagnetic fields by means of small holes around their muzzle; in a way, their thirst for wounded animals makes them clean up the ocean water from impurities caused by the prey's blood loss. Development of the eyes varies between species whereby some sharks can contract their pupils, while others have staring eyes. Also, they recognise different colors and can distinguish slightest differences in brightness, allowing for successful spotting of prey even in the deepest ocean depths. In the daytime sharks' eyes are "veiled" so as to prevent sensory overload. They are poikilothermic animals with a leathery skin, and all their forays are very systematically planned and carried out. Most Shark species become 20-30 years old in the wild.



Spiritually light aspects:

Sharks are symbolic of business acumen and a future-oriented mindset. Those with the shark as their spirit animal tend to have a knack for profitable deals thanks to a clairvoyant delicacy that allows them to show up in the right place at the right time while also having the necessary assertiveness to take smart action. As an animal that localizes lucrative prey by means of their electromagnetic field and smell, the shark's farsightedness ensures it to seize the prolific opportunity before anyone else. Sharks teach us to not drown in a past of missed chances but to always sound out new niches with the trust that another door into abundance on all levels will surely open any time soon. Sharks don't bother with quaint romanticism: if something doesn't work it will be thrown overboard instantly. In this way, the shark has honed itself a broad pool of systematic tools ranging from classical to seminal that has proven successful. No wonder, after all, sharks are one of the oldest vertebrates on Earth.



Spiritually dark aspects:

Sharks have a propensity for incessant search and no-holds-barred ruthlessness. Mainly, they rely on the adage "seek and you shall find", leaving not much room for an expansion of consciousness toward a more receptive state. From some perspective, the shark is still more stuck in a survival instinct mode instead of allowing more spiritual enlighenment to come to the fore, despite having been in existence for more than 400 million years. On top of that, sharks struggle with showing compassion due to an entrenched belief in the survival of the fittest whereby the decay of the weakest link is considered to be a result of its evolutionary shortcomings. The shark has some backlog in the matters of our interconnectedness.


Much Love and Light,


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