Lexicon of spirit animals: elk

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Mode of life:

The elk is the largest and heaviest extant member of the deer family. Not older than 2 million years, the elk is said to stem from the extinct megaloceros, whose antlers measured up to two meters. The elk is home in the Northern Hemisphere, namely Northern Europe, North America and North Asia, where it typically inhabits swampy and boggy forest territory interspersed with lakes. Most notable features of the elk is the evenly colored brown fur, a massive body, and the bull elk's big antlers. Cow elks don't have antlers and are smaller than bull elks. While aquatic plants such as the water lily are the elk's favorite nutritional source, they also enjoy eating the branches and leaves of deciduous trees. Most dangerous natural enemies of the elk are brown bears and wolves (Europe, Asia and North America) as well as pumas (North America only). Under favorable circumstances such as in zoos they can become up to 25 years old, yet in in the wild the average lifespan of an elk usually doesn't extend beyond 15 years.



Spiritually light aspects:

When the elk struts into our life then it brings us quality, benignity and humor. Elks reminds us to decalcify our Heart from recalcitrant Soul rust by mellowing our sternness: benignity and lightheartedness are the keys into the Heart, and in order to vanquish negativity we don't need to do anything else but silently radiate the pulsating and glowing pillar of Light emanating from our open Heart. Truest mutual understanding originates in the Heart, not in words. The elk encourages us to focus on the essentials of life, and therefore quit quarreling with trivialities which in the long run only drain our vitality and dampen the mood. Never attacking on its own accord and having a distinct view for beauty becoming apparent by its preference for water lilies, the elk knows: establishing a healthy and stable energy field that doesn't get unnecessarily distracted is the way that yields contagious inner peace, and it is in this very state that we finally start perceiving the splendor which has been around us all the time. Here we learn that less is more: quality over quantity.



Spiritually dark aspects:

An unbalanced elk is apathetic and phlegmatic. Basking in the Soul soothing serenity shower, the elk potentially prefers to abandon others to their fate. Not out of an utter unconcern for the world but due to the unwillingness to sacrificy its own emotional well-being by becoming personally involved. Metaphorically speaking, the elk loves to seal itself off into a sequestered mountain lodge inaccessible for mankind, silently observing the planetary on-goings while being relieved that it doesn't need to step into the role of the inveterate do-gooder upon which the entire decision-making power has been placed upon. Ultimately, the unbalanced elk fears being held accountable for potentially unpleasant repercussions which in their wake might evoke a thunderstorm of merciless accusations by detractors who like to see the blame hailing down on it. In a sense, such flight behavior is a higher form of not wanting to take responsibility.


Much Love and Light,


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The King of the forest, up here in Scandinavia.

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