You Are The Navigator Of Your Life

in spirituality •  10 months ago

In this life, there are only upstream or downstream thoughts. Upstream thoughts make you feel worse than you did a moment ago, while downstream thoughts make you feel better and bring you relief.

As long as you have the option of choosing what you think, you will have control over how you feel. And that means a creative control over your life and what you manifest in it.

If you believe that if you ask it shall be given, and that everything you want is already waiting for you, then you can understand that everything you want for yourself, life wants for you.

If life wants what you want, then it is only a matter of allowing yourself to receive what life is prepared to give you.

But how do you do that?

By navigating your life with your thoughts.

In each moment, you have the option of feeling better or feeling worse. Feeling better is a reward unto itself, but it also leads you toward things that you desire to have, do or be in your life. Feeling worse accomplishes no such worthy goal.

So, I think we are in agreement that feeling better should be the objective at all times. Are you with me? Good!


It can be a slight improvement, or a big one (little improvements work better because they don't make you doubt the thought as much), but you can take control of your life in this very moment.

Will you?

(I know how your INNER BEING would answer that question...;)

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