Trust That It Is Coming & Prepare To Be Amazed

in spirituality •  11 months ago

Jesus said that everything is possible for one who believes. When he said it, he meant it as a metaphysical rule, not just a motivational pick-me-up.

If you will allow yourself to TRUST the Universe and KNOW that what you want is coming, the Universe will deliver in perfect timing.

Ask and it shall be given, said Jesus. The dude was full of this stuff. And very consistent.

It is in the very nature of the Universe to deliver on our desires, to grant us our wishes and dreams, but for most the standard experience is one of not allowing those manifestations to occur. It is we who push and push, unconsciously trying to keep the door of manifestation shut and stop the goodness from flowing forth.

ALLOW life to give you what you want! It is ready, willing and able. All it needs is your vibrational permission. GIVE IT!

All you need then is some adjustment in thought. Start seeing the amazing giving nature of the Universe, start figuring out your blessed place in it and in no time you will start to see what the dude meant when he said:


It is not because "the one" believes so much that he forces it into being, but that he believes so much that he doesn't stand in the way of the Universe's delivery of it.

The Universal Manager, the Concierge In The Sky, is doing its part. You have to do yours.


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This is the best article of late. I mean it.


I appreciate that very much:)

You got a 11.11% upvote from @yourwhale courtesy of @abrahamhicks!

That was a good post my friend :) Ask, believe and receive :)