The Answer To All Things

in spirituality •  10 months ago

The world is full of information, distraction and noise. We might have read a thousand self-help books, learned all the secrets of the Universe from them and still on an average Friday we are so far off from where we want to be.

It's confusing and seemingly difficult to find one's place amidst all the craziness of the world. The conflicting advice we receive, the never-ending procession line of gurus and teachers, all selling their medicine, their remedy.

But there is only one answer that you need in this moment. Only one message that you need to hear:

The Universe is on your side and all it needs from you is for you to focus on what makes you happy and do more of that.

That's all. Nothing else. This is the end of the public service announcement.

Life isn't complicated - it's just easy to get into the muck and lose one's bearings.

You need to find your TRUE NORTH, your guiding star. And what better guidepost than your happiness?

Focus on what you enjoy, fixate on the pursuits that make you happy, and everything else will slowly, but surely, fall into place.

The Universe is like that. That's the way it rolls. So why not roll with your happiness?

Figure out what it is that you would be doing if you had all the luck, all the money and all the security in the world. What would make your heart sing? What would make you feel alive? What would make you get up giddy in the morning?

Figure it out and then go and do that. Do that with everything you've got.

The Universe has your back.

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