My GPS For Getting Anywhere In The Universe

in spirituality •  last year

My INNER BEING is what connects me to the entire Universe. It is my direct line to every corner of BEINGNESS.

It knows how to get where I am going because it sees all the roads, feels all the possibilities and understands my vibrational nature. It know that the LAW OF ATTRACTION is the sacred contract of the Universe and all things are achievable to those who think from the end.

When I desire something, my INNER BEING doesn't start thinking about it - it becomes it by thinking like it. It then sends thought by thought, image by image, straight into my awareness to help me on my way there.

It knows the way to every desire, to all manifestation, because it has already become the vibrational equivalent of that thing and it is calling me there.

If I follow in the footsteps of my INNER BEING, the road I'm on is joyful, it is fun and the thing happens at just the right time. If I get sidetracked and out of alignment with my highest self, I start to experience negative emotion, my indicator of how far I am from the vision of my INNER BEING. and then it calls me its way again.

Good feeling, "Yes, this way, please!". Bad feeling, "Nope, not this way!"

What could be easier than that?

So I will work every day at becoming more like my INNER BEING, so that I can hear it, and allow it to guide my way.

Why struggle when you have GPS?

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I really liked the difference between good feeling and bad feeling. It is how your inner peace react. :)

Inner guide we trust!! I love the way you related this to GPS :) Very cool. Thank you kindly for sharing this~

Resteeming this one!