Let Go! Everything You Want Is Downstream

in spirituality •  last year

We are riders on this incredibly powerful river, a river that has been here, in this physical place, long before us. This river has gathered up some much power, so much strength, and its sole intention is to carry its riders downstream. Why? Because downstream is where the goodies are. And also, because the ride is so much freakin' fun!

But the riders get into this river and almost immediately begin to paddle against the current. With the voices of their parents, teachers, and almost everyone around them, in their heads, telling them to "Compete!" or "Work Hard!" or "Achieve!", these riders paddle furiously to get upstream.

Their muscles get bigger, their self-explanations for the paddling get more convincing, but they never get to where they are going.

The River of Life is a river of Consciousness and Life Force and it flows toward the fulfillment of desire. When we are aligned with our INNER BEING, we are aligned with LIFE and we understand that paddling against the current is not only exhausting, but very, very silly.

It is DOWNSTREAM that everything we want is located. It is DOWNSTREAM that the ride is most fun and it is DOWNSTREAM where LIFE is going.

If we let go of the struggle, let go of the suffering, let go of our excuses and justifications, we can surrender to life. And that surrender will bring us, faster than anything else, to the things that we desire.

That thing you've been wanting half your life? Waiting for you, DOWNSTREAM!

The soulmate you keep telling yourself you can't wait to meet? Waiting for you, DOWNSTREAM!

The money, the health, the joy, the fun, the freedom? All there, waiting for you, DOWNSTREAM!

Let go and let God, they say. I say, stop freakin' paddlin'!

Much love,


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