Imagine A World Where Relaxation Is A Superpower

in spirituality •  last year

We struggle to achieve success, fight to win and get what we want. We exert effort and suffer under strain and pressure. All so that we could get what we want and then be happy.

But happiness tends to be quickly replaced with a scramble for the next thing that is supposed to make us happy.

That is the better version of a familiar story. The other version includes no happiness, no joy, no achievement. Only suffering. That is the version most people experience in their lives.

But what if all of that was so utterly and completely wrong?

What if happiness and success are things that cannot be WON, but rather must be ALLOWED?

What if the Universe is set up in such a way that it makes joy and every other good feeling possible simply by modification of thought, and not circumstance?

What if happy people tend to attract happy outcomes, things and circumstances?

What if the key to life is RELAXING and ALLOWING, and not struggle and suffering?

What if the Universe does not require sacrifice and pain to give you what you want?

What if its as easy as having a desire and then not standing in its way?

What if 15 minutes of visualization are more valuable than 8 hours of work in frustration?

What if you TEST IT in your life and SEE FOR YOURSELF?

What if JOY and FREEDOM and GROWTH and MANIFESTATION are just ONE relaxing thought away?

What if you try some ALLOWING today?

What if...?

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Wonderful post, as always :)
Let the universe do it works. Just relax, lay back, and manifest :)