Imagination Is An Invitation

in spirituality •  10 months ago

It is done. It is finished. What you want of life has already been packaged, prepared and is waiting for delivery. What the Universe is waiting for is an opening in your life, a piece of vibration on your part that would allow the manifestation of that dream to occur.

Imagination is your key to allowing that to happen.

Imagination is not the making up of something. And it is not the creation of something that doesn't exist.

It is the sensing, perceiving and translating of something that is already alive and kicking and real. The act of imagination then, is not an act of creation, but an act of invitation.

By imagining something wanted, you invite it into your life. And once you have persisted in the imagining of it long enough to establish a stable vibration of it within yourself, you will see it come into your life with effortless ease.

Imagination is an invitation for reality to show itself to you as it could be.

We have a choice - either we will observe what is already manifested, and generate a vibration of it, thus attracting more of the same as result, or we will imagine what has not yet manifested, and generate a vibration of that, thus attracting that into our lives.

OBSERVATION or IMAGINATION. The same or something better. What has been or what is to be.

Your choice!

Choose wisely.

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Very good post, thanks.

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That so true. Instead of saying I want it, say I Have It :)

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