Feel Your Way Through It

in spirituality •  10 months ago

We tend to over-think things, to get so lost inside our own heads, that we don't know which way is up or down. We think we have to explain our problems, or get to the bottom of them or find immediate solutions.

And in the midst of all that serious and important thinking, we forget to consult the only true guide we have - our emotions.

Our emotions are here so we are able to make good decisions, so that we know which way we are heading and so that we know what the future brings. Yes, our emotions are prognosticators of the future as well.

People with brain damage to the part of the brain that allows them to feel their emotions cannot make decisions. They cannot decide, because they have no way of knowing what exactly they should do. They start thinking and they cannot stop.

Emotions are there for a reason. Use them.

What we think causes us to feel the way we do, and we need emotions to guide our thinking. If we encounter a problem, we first have to get close to a vibration of the solution to be able to figure a good way to solve it. Enter emotions, exposing thoughts of frustration, anxiety and fear for what they are - thoughts that are incompatible with the solution we are seeking.

If we solely relied on the merits of our thinking, without feeling good or bad about the thoughts we think, we would never get anywhere.

So, let your emotions be the guide they were meant to be. You'll find that nothing could be simpler than getting from a negative vibration to a positive vibration, if you take it one feeling at a time.

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