Ask And It Is GIven (Or How Far Can A Rocket Of Desire Fly)

in spirituality •  last year

Thomas Troward wrote that "desire is the force behind all things". Desire is the initial spark, but also the fuel that sustains the Universe. It is not only what drives us to move, to live and to create, but also what activates the motion of Universal forces and shapes reality in its image.

Abraham say that we ask with every conclusion we make, with every unconscious preference, with every situation that causes us to think and feel differently We are constantly sending out rockets of desire, big and small, amending our wishlist to the Universe.

This is the ASKING part.

We do it automatically, and we cannot stop it or eliminate it. As long as we are alive, life experience will cause us to have preferences and constantly update our desires.

And life never stops responding. The GIVEN part is automatic as well. The Universe is designed in such a way that it ALWAYS answers every desire, every preference, every request. Law of attraction makes sure that no desire goes unanswered.

This is why evolution happens. This is why technology happens. This is why everything happens.

Life is responsive to our desires.

Desire is the motive power of the Universe and a being that is aligned with this fact of life is a being that is free. And unstoppable.

How far can a rocket of desire fly, you ask? To the ends of the Universe and back!

The ENTIRE Universe watches and responds to EVERY launching of your rocket. YOU are an essential part of life and your desires are important.

Sometimes the only person that doesn't know that is you.

But you've sent out a rocket of desire about that too.

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