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At first the the whole was one. This was the Genesis and then become the big bang 💥 and the whole was fallen of many peaces.This painting is simulating this vision.
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The second picture is simulates the balance between mind and soul, the female and the male energies, like the moon 🌑 and the sun, the productive and the sensitive peaces of us.we should all of them using to reach the balance-happiness.
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Everything is a circle. Everything becomes to everything :)when you have finished the first lessons and the second and so on,,, with every step you get closer to your own reality your own goodness. In the middle of the circle you will find your own reality who you really are and in this middle is your own universe 🌌 where you always want to be and this place will never let you alone 💓 with love Victoria
Enjoy the ride!

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