Leap of Faith

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Things that seemed impossible even awhile ago seem to be reachable now, if there is Flow and Trust. We become physically worthy of certain things when we actually end up Feeling within that we are, and therefore we start actually moving and acting based on that knowing.

It’s the Inner shifts which led to physical movements and changes.

We walk toward Beauty and Rebirth, once we can really feel within that this is what we deserve.

We can flow toward newness and joy, once we know, deeply in the body, that the trauma of the past is gone and that there is no fate, no obligation, no martyrdom or burden we’d have to carry... BUT that it is ourselves deciding what we write now, going in this or that direction.

If the Past can be seen only as rooms of experience which led to inner growth, a school of inner knowing, a soul degree brought back from the depths...but don’t have to determine what we feel like doing right now and was never meant to set us in stone, solid or stuck ~ than anything is Doable.





Do the do do do do do.
Just by being you you you you you.
So true true true true true.


oo btw.. does stargreen = starangel? =P

Haha, Thanks for your comment. 😁

Yes, it is my another account which I rarely use now.

kooool. I had a feeling that was you. Very insightful and intelligent posts. Thank you for being. I read through many of them. I appreciate all you share. =)

I wanted to ask you about the minnowbooster. Do you also add your link for each post? I see that you just write "deposit" in the notes.

Thank you! ☺ I appreciate all your shares too! 😊

Nah, I just directly deposit them to Minnowbooster for getting avaliable upvotes.

Nowadays people are ending up into blacklist coz they send funds multiple times in a very short period of time in order to get upvotes.

So, If you make your mind to get upvote through deposit function. Do not hit the send button multiple times.

Thanks for all your help 😊Do you have your new laptop now?

You're welcome! ☺

Yes, We recently purchased our first laptop through steemit earning and one of our friend's kind donation. I'll soon make a post about it. ☺

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