All Is Well Because Everything Is Happening For A Reason

in spiritual •  2 years ago 

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The Stars seem to be saying today Take, of what was, only what resonates. When old beliefs die, let them.

If a shift happens and you want to embody something even deeper and more exciting, do.

You were never supposed to not evolve and in that respect, former certainties are vanishing and new paradigms are birthed from within to the manifesting realm of without.

Keep going. You are revealing more of Yourself, the most authentic expression.

There is a feeling of losing ground, of sailing away from known territories... this, is because you are going somewhere Different; more conscious, alive, flowing and evolved, beauties and gems unchartered yet.

As for every important shift, the mind will get lost and will try to make sure all is 'well' because under control, or under understanding. But it is Life, carrying You.

Not the rational mind, which can only understand what it has already seen, which can only comprehend what it knows. And all is well, but not in that sense.

All is well because everything is happening for a reason, because the right doors are closing as well as opening, all perfectly well & safe & orchestrated... for your evolution, your Sacred Becoming.

Keep going. You are revealing more of Yourself, the most authentic expression. Walk in Trust.




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