Finding Contentment Within The Heart

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When we live in true contentment within the heart, we are grateful for what little we have. Our oxytocin level rises each day with such an attitude. Any tendency towards addictive habits that drains us of our drive (dopamine) to achieve success will be reduced with time.

We find we no longer have to rely on external things to fuel this bio-chemical dependent drive, for all that power is within us, provided we are willing to be still in the mind and heart each day to harness it. Our confidence builds. We become happier. When we are happier, we heal, our health returns.

With health, our chance at earning a decent living and actually enjoying it, becomes greater. We become more creative in seeking ways to sustain an eco-friendly lifestyle economically. We can find more little joys in everyday life.

Happier people are more forgiving/magnanimous, but they take no crap from others.

This is the Tao of those who abide by the laws of nature.

Argue not with those who see this not, for some are materialists at heart. They derive happiness externally, from material gains, competition and social recognition. Outwardly some can be supportive and inspiring, deep within; insecurities, suspicion and envy.

Wants become needs. It will drain your oxytocin. They are not wrong; just the way that they are.

Wrong only when they start to harm others, or prevent others from growing spiritually.


Much love, light and blessings! 💚 🌟 ✨

@starangel 🌟


Nice and true🙏🙏

Thank you! ☺

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