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I put all of the gemstones and crystals into a Himalayan Pink Salt water solution in a glass bowl. I left it outside to let the late afternoon sunlight charge the crystals as well.

Note that it's more recommended to use glass bowls instead of anything metal. Also to not charge the crystals in the middle of the day because the intensity of the sunlight could fade or slightly damage certain crystals. Early morning or late afternoon sunlight is fine. Moonlight is another way to charge.

I left it out for about 4 hours to charge in the salt water solution and sunlight. The amount of time is really up to how long you want the crystals to be charged.

Anyone else have crystals or gemstones that they charge up for energetical uses?


Wow. I didn't know you have to charge the crystals and gemstones so thanks for sharing it and I also had no idea how to charge them either.
Very interesting. Love learning new things.
Thanks @hustletoparadise

Yes ... wherever you get crystals ... they most likely will have the energy signature from the previous owner or place. You want to not only charge them for their energy levels, but cleansing them helps remove old energies. So salt water helps cleanse/charge them (be sure to know that majority of tumbled/polished stones can be charged. There are some crystals that bathing in water would damage it so be sure to read up on that. Sunlight and moonlight also good for charging as well. I've heard of people also charging them out by holding them to small candle light fire.

What kinds of crystals do you have? @joalvarez

Whats the dillution rate? This is cool!

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