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What are you drumming into your life in this present moment? --weaver


This quote is one of my own... When i offer workshops and teach about sacred drumming + drum-birthing, i'm always asking folk this very question.

As we know... everything, including us, is vibrating and resonating... Our thoughts + feelings are vibrational and create our world into being...

The sacred drum as a healing instrument holds much spirit and resonance...vibration... and, when we drum, we can't be anywhere else but in the present moment. So, it's a great tool for meditation, relaxation and being present in the 'now'...

The sacred drum is a very powerful resonator and if you're living your life from a mindful vibrational state of being, you are aware that what we say or mean by our words, feelings and action are vibrational ...We also know that what 'goes out into the world' around us vibrational, returns back to us... ie., the universal law of, 'like attracts like'... And, it doesn't matter whether our vibrations are negative or positive... we'll still get what we resonate out...

Just like how a pebble dropped into a still pool of water ripples out... those ripples return back...

• free image from pixabay

Playing a resonator instrument like a drum, crystal singing bowl, didgereedoo, etc., resonates and vibrates out ten-fold... thus all of that returning back ten-fold... Again a powerful tool for mindful intention, prayer and manifestation.

The key is the 'present moment'... There is only 'now'... tomorrow never comes and yesterday is gone, gone, gone... All we have is 'now'...

So, i always remind folk to be super mindful of 'where they're at vibrationally' in the present moment of playing their instrument...

*So again.. "What are you drumming into your life in this present moment?**

Have a drummin' grrreat day...

brightest.. weaver x (((o)))

• Quote + graphic by weaver © 2016...
• More about my sacred drum work + drum-birthing art, please click here >>

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