The Creation Event; The first virgin universe, the infinite omniverse and ascension.

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In the begining there was a timeless, spaceless chaos.
Into this void arose the thought of mind - spirit.
Through self-realization, the word that is spirit became.
It manifested itself into the womb of the mother.
The mother as the father birthed the cosmos; the mind of Bhagavan.

The first virgin universe.


It is said that the inhabitants of the first original virgin Universe - the original angels - reached a level of completion and ascended back to the source - prime creator.

If this is True, this means either that we are now in a“second universe”, within an even wider 2nd omniverse - or that we could be in one of any number of already played out universes - meaning that the ALL may have birthed itself into creation and ascended back into itself as every point of awareness to complete itself - any number of times.

Creation could have ascended back into itself and recreated itself as the creation, an infinite amount of times already.

But one thing is for sure - it has most likely happened before.
It is so likely, that it is impossible for it to have not happened.

Thus; we know that,
this is not the first universe / omniverse ; the creation has happened before and completed itself - Thus - Gods plan; our salvation ; is ascension back to the God-source.

Since God is beyond location, space and time: it starts by opening your heart; this is applying the hermetic axiom as above/ so below.

The idea that there are infinite universes plays into the fact that the universe is multidimensional and thus all versions of this universe exist(s).

It is also only one local universe with a multidimensional omniverse consisting of millions up - on millions of universes.
The totality of all firmaments, all beings,=ALL, is the mind of The ALL; the creation shining in completion as bhagavan.

God in its completion is ultimately impossible to fathom by the human mind - it is a state that you must become to experience.

It is our natural state.

If creation has already ascended into completion at least once before - evident by our knowing the ledge of the fact that there was already an original seeded virgin universe and/or omniverse that ascended.
This being true implies a cycle of God expanding into the creation and each point of awareness in the creation ascending back to its source.

This implies a mathematical cycle or inclination toward a natural rhythm.
This rhythm is for us to return back to the source.
To return back to the awareness that we are the source - that we are descended angels.

Once we overstand this - we become Gods

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