From Horcrux to Vortex; How to transcend the physical and attain power from within.

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We live in an energetic universe.
Thus, everything is energy and everything that lives feeds on energy to survive.
Everything, including humans, needs energy.
Yet Most people live in the Mind-cage that society creates for them.
And so, although energy is an omnipresent and naturally abundant force; most people rely on the savage horcrux’s presented to them by society.
These horcrux’s are societies solution to our needing energy - it is our society as under assumption that existance is a physical phenomenon - when indeed it is metaphysical.
These horcrux’s are things like food, drugs, sex, ego, power, prestige etc.
They are physical answers to reward our need for energy; they are horcrux’s.

What is a horcrux?

A horcrux is a physical tool being falsely used to derive energy and power from.
In the Harry Potter series by J K Rolling, voldemort attempts to become stronger by dispersing his soul into physical objects.
At the end, I would say this made him weaker, and represents how physical dependance can lead to physical slavery.

When voldemort dispersed his power, this made him weaker, untill he not not even appear as human and easily died because of a love-deflected spell.

This resembles how when people rely on physical sustenance, their soul falls into a state of stasis where it begins to decay due to an overwhelming of bad nutriments.

How to transcend the pleasures of physical sustenance and attain power from within.

We are all infinitely powerful beings.
If you are reading this, you are probably Human.
You have a reservoir of unlimited energy at the core of your being.

Knowing thineself

“God is none other than the self”

In this society, we are socially engineered to be distracted by a plethora of physical horcrux’s ; an interactive phasmorgoria where we forget that WE are the light of light exuding from the projectors lens.

The projector lens of the phasmorgoria is your third eye; the minds eye decodes and interprets reality.

Rather than being distracted with the movie and its physical phenomena - we have to remain conscious of the fact that we as the light of a movie projector - and draw energy from within.

Like the light of a movie projector - this is our natural state of conscious.

This is spirit - higher vibrating energy of all-attractiveness.

There is a word for our natural state of consciousness; SAMADHI

When we become our natural state - we learn how to attain power from within and transcend the need of all physical horcruxes.

When we are in our high vibrational vortex ; we are attaining power from within.

When we meditate - we allow the prana energy that we are to flow.

When we open our heart - we allow high vibrational frequency into our being - and transcend the need for all physical sustenance.


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