Life changes! When you understand this (eye opening words)

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All that takes place
in the realm of time in the realm of relativity, materiality, phenomenality.

The sense of you and me and this and that and heaven and hell, gods and demons and so on all that takes place in that space.

Can only seemingly be preserved through memory,
everything is moving in the shifting sounds of time and change!

Which we are well used to and it is beautiful in its own way.

But not being aware of the root or the source of all these manifestations, we tend to grieve when they go.

If you are attached to them or we form attachments because in some experiences we gain great pleasure and joy.

Those we like to prolong and the experiences that we don't enjoy, we like to cut them short.

We want to to choose what is best and get rid of what is not so good.

Unendingly we are striving to manipulate and to control the ever-changing.

But being aware and grounded in the unchanging one experiences the changeful with greater joy and peace with clarity and wisdom!

So it's not that you are practicing any technique.

Merely the one who imagines it's going to learn something in order to live life more skillfully, is realising that i am life! i am life itself!

At the same time there is the capacity in me to be observing life in its dynamic flow.

I am here before whatever appears in consciousness, I observe it through the senses and the mind and i observe it also leaving i cannot be that!

Because if i am that when it goes, i would also be gone! but something remains here to bear witness to the comings and goings to the traffic of the mind and the body and the world.

Who is that from where do you look?

Who are you who look?

From here it is as though,your look something is looking out from the immensity of being

It gets comfortable
that which was perceiving itself as a person with a location and a particular shape and size and drew a kind of safety or security.

From limitations is now getting used to the unlimitedness of being here .

For a while fear comes, oh this is too big for me!

A voice calling out in the wilderness,but all this is you!

The relative and the absolute

It is not important that you understand this all at once.

What is good is that we have come here and that you can experience a place a realm a dimension withinyourself, that is unchanging
that has not happened until now

The mind might say but what use is it i can't do anything with it!

How foolish!

You have moved from light to darkness and then to light again.

From death to immortality and you're still not fully aware?

So therefore some stabilizing is important

For some of you it will not be perceived as anything special, for others it will be life-changing! and for still others you cannot return to the old way of seeing.

You will walk through you have walked through the door of nirvana