haha, i think im just gonna do what i wanted to do in the beginning. I think most people will like it and i offer the buy back if they have changed there minds.

In other news, just made the first dlease lease about 5 minutes back, 500SP for 2 weeks for 5 STEEM which is 20%. Thats a little more into the off platform fund my friend :)

I was going to say exactly that just go with your initial idea lets get to the first step 10,000 sold then go from there. Concertrate on the advertising and promotion for nkw and the ideas of investment. It is important what your discussing ofcourse but on the comments not getting massive feedback from the current investors so they must br happy with the original idea, unless your getting advice in your discord not sure. Only problem right now for me is so much stuff going on that im trying to get in a piece of everything lol else woild have a lot more in spi but im hoping to make quick flips and buy some more as this is long term

10 4 that man,

There is alot going on atm. Thanks for your feedback, im just gonna do what i want

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