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RE: SPinvest updates - Steemit communities, SE exchange, possible token split and more

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I maintain that wall at 1.21999999 because it is profitable. Instead of paying 1% to enter into steemp, I gain by running it through SPI. As more people realize this, the margins should narrow. I don't think you are doing the program any favors by removing your wall, and if I stop it would only lead to someone else stepping in because its profitable. Even now I am loathe to disclose my trick, but you just made a post about it so I don't want you to feel like the program is threatened.

Why are you worried about the Asset backed value rising above the token price? That in an of itself is an arbitrage opportunity. I personally have been watching the gap narrow (and even asking you questions about token issuance) because I can nearly span the gab and arbitrage my steemp sales even higher by making a big buy.

All this to say - I take your program and actions into consideration when I do what I do. If you want to change things, we can vote, but I will change up everything I do in response (and so will everyone else naturally). Profits will be sought.


I have been getting .25 tokens from steemleo. Those tokens were specifically to play on the market with.

It's a market. Let's play with it.

As long as the token has a "true value" and a true place where you can buy it for 1.2 (or whatever the price would be), and sell back to Mr. Spinvest (at whatever quoted price he has) then the market is just a market.

I should be able to choose to buy and see at after market prices if I wish.

I hadn't thought about doing that, how clever!