So What's The Most Undervalued Project On The Market?!

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Get your moon suits refitted ladies and gents, because take off is eminent!

The Secret To Succeeding In The Crypto World!

Being apart of the cryptocurrency community since 2013, it's safe to say I've seen hundreds of moons, Lambos, and inevitably hyped projects fade away like your favorite hero in Infinity War. (Sorry if I spoiled the movie, but it's been a week y'all, come on!)

It pains me to say that although I've been on a few trips into the stratosphere, I've always either sold my crypto on the way up, or held my various shit coins until extinction. After five years of Jedi Mind tricked by FOMO, or being too scared to take a risk early, I finally figured out the recipe to succeed in the crypto world as someone with little to invest. Research my butt off, then go all in on a project you 100% believe in!

These two simple rules allowed me to HODL during our most recent soul crushing bear market, and consolidate my anxiety and fears about accumulating during the period when everyone was running away!

It wasn't easy to put what little fiat I had to invest into a project that was under a 30 million market cap, but the steps I took before hand researching and understanding the long term viability of my investment solidified my stance and hopefully my financial security moving forward.

Disclamer: I am not a financial advisor, so please take my coffee induced rant with a grain of salt. Do your own research and only invest what you're willing to lose!

Just Shill Me The Project Already!!!

Call me what you want, but I couldn't sleep because I was so excited to see Trinity (TNC) grow into the Goliath it is meant to be after it's recent partnership announcements! Currently sitting at a $55 million market cap and just having announced three pivotal partnerships that will change the blockchain gaming community forever, TNC just set itself up for the pump of the century! Or at least the pump of the month, which is equivalent to three or four years in the crypto world!


The road map if your end to that kinda thing!

So What Is TNC?

Let me not get too ahead of myself and actually explain what Trinity is! The purpose of the Trinity Network Credit, is to become the universal scaling solution for blockchain, gaming, and the internet of things!

It will accomplish this by allowing blockchains to record trivial transactions like buying a cup of coffee off chain thought the use of state channels, thus preventing congestion on the main blockchain leading to a reduction of transaction fees. This is going to lead to your favorite projects like NEO and Ethereum exponentially increasing their number of transactions per second, thus making way for mainstream adoption!

A great example on how TNC state channels work!

Does anyone remember the craze that was Crypto Kitties, which was a game that ultimately crashed the Ethereum blockchain and raised the transaction fees to astronomical highs?! With the use of the state channels and TNC, we can have exponentially more users utilize decentralize applications (dapps) off chain, leading to these different projects reaching their true potential and Ethereum, NEO, and soon to be many other confirmed blockchains like EOS's main-chain handle multiple dapps, while maintaining it's integrity!

Wait, I thought TNC was only able to Scale NEO?!

When I say universal scalability, I mean Every Single Blockchain will eventually be able to be scaled though TNC! This is made possible through TNC's NEP-5 / ERC-20 Cross Chain Convertor! That's right folks, TNC can be converted from a NEO based token into an Ethereum based token effortlessly! This means that the majority of your favorite projects will be able to utilize TNC's state channels to scale their blockchain!


Check out the original article here, if you want to read up more on the convertor!

It's A Cool Concept, But Will TNC Be Adopted?!

What made me feel comfortable about going all in on TNC is also one of the most frustrating parts about being a holder! The creator David Li, who was the Over Seas Manager for Ant Shares, which we all know rebranded itself as NEO, is not one for releasing information until he has results.

I loved his attitude because I know his main focus was on bringing TNC's vision to life, but it was a double edged sword because getting listed on larger exchanges, which many other projects do to accumulate hype and speculation that ultimately drives to a rise in price, was on the bottom of his list. This lead to a really bad bear period, which turned out to be a blessing because I was able to get a good portion early.

That being said, our patience is about to be rewarded because TNC just made three pivotal partner ships in the gaming industry that marked the beginning of TNC's rise into the top 100! David and his team just announced partnerships with Decentraland, Etheremon, and Hyperdragons, which will bring NFT assets to the forefront of the cryptocurrency space!


More partnerships, means more TNC bought up and staked to open and run state channels!

Passive Income Through State Channels!

The current price of TNC is $.165, which puts the project at ~ a $55 million dollar market cap, so it's still at a great price to get in before the world realizes's it's value!

Capital gains isn't the only reason TNC is an amazing investment. We will eventually be able to open up our own state channels and collect transaction fees by staking a unconfirmed amount of TNC tokens! There is no way of really knowing how many tokens it will stake to run a node and open up a state channel until the project reveals more information, but at prices like these, it shouldn't be hard to take a large portion if you believe in the utility of this project.

So Are You Going To Invest?

Our recent partnerships are only the beginning as we move into the summer. With TNC's main net dropping in June, David has stated that trinity will be servicing plenty of other dapps in the summer that he is choosing in classic David Li fashion, not to reveal at this time.

In a recent AMA David had with the official Telegram group, he has sprinkled bread crumbs for us all to follow, which included more exchanges soon, as well as establishing partnerships with projects like EOS at a top priority.

At the end of the day the choice to invest after you've done your due diligence with research is up to you! My main goal of this article was to put this amazing project in the spotlight and hopefully help our community grow, so please check out all of the articles I've posted and join our Telegram group if you have any more questions!

After news of these amazing partnerships and my 100% belief in David and his teams ability to deliver, I know this ship is just about ready to take off! The crazy thing is that TNC is absolutely the most underrated and undervalued project in this space, which is partly due to the team's focus on development instead of hype, but their hard work is finally going to start paying off! The choice is yours!

This has been a message from your friendly neighborhood #spiderblogger!

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I'd never heard of (TNC) Trinity before @waphilip, until now, so thanks man. Great article and your work has really stepped up a few notches, kudos to you dear boy. I'll be looking out for the next big thing in crypto gaming! :-D


Haha thanks flat! Let me know if you have anymore questions about it! I hope you get some before the next big leg up because I really think it's going to be the the main solution for scalability!


Will do big Phil! Thanks dude.

vary good information. thank you @waphilip


No probleem! I hope you take a close look into the project!

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Get your moon suits refitted ladies and gents, because take off is eminent!

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Definitly the entire market, but really good deal if you’re willing to take a risk🤓


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