Late Night Thoughts: Really Happy I Didn’t Sell My EOS For BCC 😂

in spiderblogger •  7 months ago


EOS might be the 7th greatest thing to ever happen to me!


Low key just wanted to post that all empowering acronym and leave it at that, but I would probably lost some followers.

Or maybe got sued because I didn’t put a disclaimer after it haha

Well lately I’ve just been ranting about voting bots, accumulating a few low capped coins, and surviving work day by day!

The recent surge in my Blockfolio definitely made surviving a little bit easier, but this little cold I have is draining all of the energy I have left!

Almost didn’t post, but I figured why not intellectually mine some good ole Steem before I went to bed.

As well as check out @overkillcoin’s latest post because he called me out in the comments lol

Either way, all is good in the crypto world, as well as in life so HODL on! Until next time, this has been a message from your friendly neighborhood #spiderblogger!


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Dude I wouldnt sell my Eos for the world right now and honestly I can only regret not buying more when it was $5 last week


I bought all of mine around a $1 so I couldn’t justify buying more so high, but now im sort of regretting it haha


hehehe yeah ...i dont know if this is just a pump or the new 0-line before main net starts 1 june